{Cleaning} Keeping the Air in Your Home Clean

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Do you ever walk into your home to a musty smell? Does the air feel damp and stale? Can you smell it each time you enter a room? Or, can you see the air thick with dust particles every time the sun shines in? It’s normal to have a little dust and for your homes to get a bit musty from time to time, especially during winter and hot summers when we don’t open the windows so often. But, it can become a problem. The air in your home can easily become unhealthy and filled with pollutants. We spend a lot of time in our houses, so this air can lead to the growth of mold, illnesses, damp and other issues. Here are some great ways to keep the air in your house clean and pure.
Air Conditioning
There are many advantages to having air conditioning in your home. It can keep you cool and comfortable in the summer, as well as reducing humidity and keeping the air in your home moving. Air conditioners filter and circulate air, this helps to remove pollutants and harsh chemical particles. But, for your air conditioning system to be able to do this effectively, you need to make sure you regularly clean and replace the filters.

I love these reusable air filters. You simply hose them off wait for them to dry and done.
Houseplants are having a bit of a resurgence at the moment and can be very trendy if used well in your d├ęcor. They look great and can help to keep the air clean. They do this by removing toxins and improving the quality of the air. This is especially useful if you your home is poorly ventilated and often damp.

Some of the best houseplants when it comes to improving the quality of the air in your home are the Lady Palm, Butterfly Palm, the Rubber Tree, Chrysanthemums, Peace Lily’s, English Ivy and Chinese Evergreen. Most of these are relatively easy to look after and have the added advantage of helping to improve your mood.

The air is generally cleaner in your home over the months when the weather's nice and your windows can be open, even though outdoor air is also filled with pollutants. So, during winter time, try to open your windows as often as you can to increase ventilation and get air moving. I like to open my bedroom windows as soon as I wake up to air out the room, then I close them once I'm done getting dressed and have made the bed.

When you are drying washing inside, use an extractor fan, or a dehumidifier to help dry them faster and keep the air from getting too damp. A trickle vent can also be a good idea, as they let a little outdoor air in while filtering and cleaning it.

Think About What You Use
If you use harsh cleaning products and detergents, your home will be filled with them. They get into the air even with minimal use. If you want the air in your home to be clean and pure, think about what you are using. Stick to natural, environmentally friendly products which are kind to your skin, lungs and the world around you.

Keeping the air in your home can improve your sleep, help to keep your skin soft and your breathing even and even help your home to stay clean and bright. It’s certainly worth doing.

{Decluttering} Simple Hacks For A Less Stressful Experience

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Decluttering our homes is one of those chores that a lot of us put off because we can’t be bothered to deal with the hassle and stress that comes with the job. However, just because we like to put this kind of chore off, that doesn’t mean that it’s not a chore that needs doing, because it is - clutter builds up extremely quickly in most homes.

The good news is that when it comes to decluttering your home, it doesn’t have to be a hugely stressful experience. In fact, if you are smart about it, it doesn’t have to be stressful at all for that matter, it is all about how you go about the situation, that’s all. Bearing that in mind, below are some simple hacks for making decluttering a far less stressful experience and a much more enjoyable and manageable one.
Focus on one room at a time
By far the most common mistake when it comes to decluttering a house is trying to do too much at once. Far too many people make the mistake of choosing to focus on more than one room at a time, going from place to place, getting more mess out and causing chaos. Don’t make this mistake, always work on one room at a time, beginning with one area, sorting it, and then moving onto the next. This will help to make the sorting process far less stressful.

Have your clutter collected
Instead of having to waste time taking all your old, unwanted junk to the dump, consider having it collected. By doing this, you don’t have to worry about wasting time heading to the dump, instead you can focus on the actual decluttering process. When it comes to removing waste from your home, some options are rather expensive. However, there are also plenty of dirt cheap rubbish removal services available to choose from, it’s just a case of sourcing them, that’s all.

Clean as you go
A key element of the decluttering process is cleaning the house after clutter removal, isn’t it? Of course, a lot of people choose to declutter and then set aside another time to clean, which adds extra stress and makes the entire process feel far longer. Instead, it’s far more beneficial to clean as you go, as this tends to take up less time and can help to reduce stress because you know that you are dealing with everything that needs doing at once.

Decluttering might be an essential part of taking care of your home, but it’s also something that a lot of people choose to avoid doing because of the stress that comes with it and how time-consuming the task can be to do. Don’t let these factors put you off of keeping on top of your home’s clutter, as otherwise, you will end up living in a serious mess. Take note of the tips above and implement them, and you should find decluttering much less stressful and far more straightforward.

Here are some Book I like on Decluttering and getting Tidy.

{Contributed Post} What You Should Know About Dealing with Mobility Issues

*This post contains affiliate links to essential oils and other products I talk about in the post. Purchasing them here from my blog is no extra cost to you but I do earn a commission that helps in the cost of running this blog. Thanks for your support! Read full disclaimer here.
When you have problems with your mobility, whether they’re temporary or permanent, the way you live your life necessarily changes. You have to think differently about how you’re going to get around and get things done on a day to day basis. You might not want to be thinking about these things, but there are some things you should know and do if you want to transition into a new way of living as easy as possible.
Find a Suitable Bed
The bed should be one of the very first things you think about when it comes to making change in your home and your life generally. The bed should be capable of lifting up and down because this makes it so much easier for people with mobility problems to get in and out of. It’s a little change but it could be genuinely revolutionary for you in your day to day life.

Don’t be Afraid to Accept Help
There are going to be friends and family members who want to help out. How you respond to this can be tricky because many people don’t like the idea of being helped too much because it makes them feel like a burden. But that’s entirely the wrong way of looking at it. Many people just want to help because they care, and you should accept this and make the most of it.
Scooters Are Helpful
Many people can be resistant to the idea of investing in Luggie Scooters or similar options because they don’t want to be reliant on something like this to get around. But there comes a time when you have to be honest with yourself and really think about what’s best and most functional for you. If you’d benefit from a scooter to get around, you need to go for it.

Make Adaptations to Your Home
There are many little adaptations that can be made to your home to make the transition easier than it might otherwise be. Even simple things like adding grab rails in halls and on walls can make all the difference. You might also want to think about changing the bathroom setup so that you have a tub that’s easier to get in and out of.

Look Into Car Modifications
If you’re a driver and your mobility problems are going to make it slightly harder for you to use your car as a it is, you should think about making changes. There are car adaptation companies that can completely change how your car operates. For example, cars can be changed so that foot pedals aren’t required and hand actions are used instead to move the car.

Mobility issues are never easy to deal with or come to terms with. But if you’re serious about achieving things and making the most of life, you simply need to adapt to the new situation and cope with it as best you can. Hopefully, the ideas and tips laid out here will you to start to do just that.

{Bathroom} Making Your Bathroom Your Best Room

*This post contains affiliate links to essential oils and other products I talk about in the post. Purchasing them here from my blog is no extra cost to you but I do earn a commission that helps in the cost of running this blog. Thanks for your support! Read full disclaimer here.
Where most rooms can be transformed with a simple rearrangement of furniture and a splash of color on the walls, the bathroom is a lot harder to do up. Without actually fully remodeling the bathroom, you have fixed elements to work around. On top of that, it usually is a small space. Here are some tips to get your bathroom looking its best. Be sure to check out https://kitchensacramento.com/bathroom-remodeling/ for some inspiration and useful starter tips too.

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash
Think Light, Light, and More Light
Bathrooms do tend to be smaller spaces. Any natural sunlight should be used to its fullest potential. Avoid placing objects in front of the window and make use of mirrors to reflect and spread the light out further. This also comes back in the use of colors in the bathroom. Ideally, you will have lighter colors, but dark shades can work as well. Just remember that with dark colors you will need lighter elements to the room that serve as focal points. And if you can’t find a color to your liking, remember there is bathroom wallpaper available that can really bring some uniqueness to your bathroom.

Think Tidy and Neat
As with most small spaces, you want to keep clutter to a minimum. Try to avoid using the bathroom as a storage space for all the different kind of soaps, shower gels and shampoos you collected over the years. Also, your historical collection of toothbrushes can probably be trimmed down. Everything in the bathroom needs to be in active use. You might want to consider investing in decorative soap dispensers and toothbrush holders. Not only does this give a more uniform look, but you can also eliminate cluttering the view with plastic packaging as they come from the brands you use. I use decorative soap dispensers for my Shampoo and Conditioner in my shower. I also have a decorative soap dish to set the body bar soap on so it doesn't get the my window sill all gross, as this is the only shop i have in my shower to set stuff.

Think Just the Right Amount of Shelves and Storage
Avoid leaving towels hanging around and use towels racks for used ones. Fold away the fresh ones if you choose to keep those in the bathroom. When getting shelves and storage consider the bare minimum that you need. Consider placing shelves and storage in places that have become useless because of the placement of the toilet bowl and washing basin. Just above the toilet bowl could be room for a shelf, where you keep items that are not needed daily. Or if you have a pedestal basin, consider the option of placing a cabinet around the pedestal. If you need a step stool for a child consider getting on that has a storage compartment, you can store your child's bath toy or even there other bathroom items in this.

Finishing Touches
Bring some life into the room, consider placing a plant or two. A bit of green can transform most bathrooms from being purely functional to a beautiful space to be in. In terms of accessories, try sticking a theme as it will bring everything together. Just be careful with overdoing things with accessories, less is usually more.

All things considered, if small touch ups simply won’t do the trick, consider a complete remodel. You can roll up the sleeves yourself and DIY your way through it or get some professional help.

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