{Home} Time To Get Your Home In Order!

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We all want to keep our homes in order but the truth is that doing that can often be a lot easier said than done. After all, making your home look like something out of a magazine takes a whole lot of hard work and effort, and that's not something the everyone's willing to do. However, even if you are willing to put in that much effort, it's easy to end up in a position where your home still feels like its untidy, unclean and out of order. If that happens, don't panic. It just means that it might be time for something a little more serious than your typical spring clean. With that in mind, here are some things that you can do to really get your home in order.

Deep clean
Even if you clean your home regularly, there are often problem areas that end up getting missed and places that don't quite get as much attention as they should. That's where a serious deep clean comes in. When was the last time you cleared out and cleaned your kitchen cabinets? What about cleaning under all the bookcases and the couch? These kinds of things can be pretty labor intensive but ignoring them for too long can end up making your home feel dirty no matter how often you clean it. Every few months, it's worth giving the entire place a serious deep clean. It'll make your whole home feel like new.

Structural fixes
Of course, the issue with your home might be more significant than just cleanliness. It could come down to something as serious as structural issues. Things electrical issues, roof repair, or leaking pipes aren't the kinds of jobs that you want to take a DIY approach to. They can often be so complicated, delicate, or dangerous that your best bet is definitely to call in a professional to take care of it for you. Spending money on that kind of thing might be frustrating, but the truth is that these are things that are simply too important to ignore.

If you're feeling kind of bored of your home, there's a temptation to try and find somewhere new. However, doing that can be incredibly difficult and expensive. Instead, why not try and make your home feel like new by rearranging it a little? Most people tend to forget that they can arrange a room however they like. Why not try to experiment a little bit and try some new things/ And if you don't like it, you can always put things back the way they were.

Now, these are certainly not going to be quick and easy jobs the same way that a lot of cleaning and tidying can be, but that's because they're the sorts of things that you only really have to do every once in a while. If you're sensible and you take care of your home then you won't have to worry about these kinds of things very much at all.

{Decor} Brighten Up Your Living Room With One Of These Great Focal Points

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The focal point in any room is important as it is the main feature that will attract the eyes as soon as someone enters the room. In most rooms it is often the main piece of furniture that instantly catches the eye, such as the bed in a bedroom. However, when it comes to a room like a living room, you have a lot more freedom to come up with a unique focal point. It doesn’t always have to be your TV!

Ready to create an amazing focal point for your living room? Here are some of the best ideas that can really add the wow factor.

A Fireplace
Fireplaces are great focal points and if you already have one built into your main living room wall, then you might not have to do much other than smarten it up. If it is the original feature, it might be full of character and could really help to add some personality to your room. Don’t worry if you don’t already have a fireplace in your room. There are now lots of stores that sell them and will be able to install them for you.

Or if you want to do something easy you can look into getting one of these PlugIn Fireplace Furniture Pieces.

A Gallery Wall
One really popular focal point idea that many interior designers add in their own homes is a gallery wall. In order to create this, you just need to cover the main wall in the room with framed photos, artworks, and prints. The whole idea is to create a wall that works as a gallery and will display your favorite type of art.

You can find some nice Frame Sets like these on amazon.

A Piece Of Vintage Furniture
There are now lots of furniture stores, such as Plum Goose, that feature some great vintage-style brands, like Four Hands. These brands specialize in reclaimed furniture and great vintage pieces that will really add some charm and style to your living room. It’s a good idea to add a statement piece of vintage furniture that will stand out from everything else in the room.

I really like the balance of this wall gallery by @luxdecor_montreal. But the feature that made me stop and look was the combination of different color frames..wood, black, and gold all grouped together harmoniously to create a powerful focal point. Would you like to do this on your wall? Do you like the mix of frames? Home decor today incorporates all of the things we love, the treasures we have collected over time that have meaning and memories.. so keep that art or print in the original frame and hang it with all the others you have...just like this wall! Fabulous! #framedart #oceanpainting #sevavailable #originalart #vintage #finditstyleit #smmakelifebeautiful #artistofinstagram #goldframe #instaart #photooftheday #vintageprint #artwork #artcollector #interiordesigner #diyhomedecor #myhousebeautiful #sevenstreetmarket #focalpoint #estatesalefinds #treasure #gallerywall #treasurehunt #finds #thrifting

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Use Original Features
If you have moved into a period property then you might notice that there are some original features in the living room. One of these could be a fireplace, like I’ve already mentioned, but you might get lucky and have a living room that has the property’s original beams on display. If so, you might want to paint these or restore them to their original state. Beams are a fantastic stand-out feature and can retain the home’s original style.

Strip The Wall
If you want to really mix things up in your living room, you might want to strip the main wall to expose the brickwork. Exposed brickwork is extremely fashionable right now, and will work in a variety of interior design styles and trends. It is a certainly striking look and will definitely attract everyone’s attention!

As you can see, there are lots of different aspects of decor and your living room that can be turned into a fascinating focal point. Which one do you think that you will go with?

{Cleaning} 4 Tips To Help Clean Spillages In Your Home

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All housewives can agree that spillages are probably the worst thing to clean in the home. When you have small kids, then you probably end up with a handful of spills every week. Plus, add in some random acts of clumsiness on the adults' behalf, and you run the risk of a home that’s overrun by spillage stains!
The good news is, there are ways you can make it much easier to clean up spills in your home.

Get in there right away
The worst thing you can do is leave a spillage sitting there for many minutes on end. When you do this, then it normally ingrains itself into the surface and causes permanent stains. Or, it will cause a stain that’s far harder to get rid of. To prevent this, you should get in there right away and clean up the spill as soon as you notice it. There’s no time to waste, soak it up immediately to prevent severe stainage!

Switch to more water-resistant flooring
Spilling things on carpets is an absolute nightmare as it completely soaks up the spill and is very hard to clean. So, to make life easier for yourself, you should switch to more water-resistant flooring options. Places like Montgomerys the flooring store will sell different options that deal with water better than others. Usually, a laminate or vinyl option is the best as you can literally just wipe spills off the surface right away. There’s no danger of the spillage seeping into the flooring and leaving a stain, which helps keep your home nice and clean.

Use white wine vinegar for food stains
Often, it’s not just drinks that get spilled in your home. If you’ve ever cooked pasta for your kids, or given them anything with tomato ketchup dipping sauce, then you know the outcome resembles that of a war zone. There are usually red spillages and stains all over the table and floor, which can be very hard to get rid of. However, one cleaning hack involves using white wine vinegar and dishwashing liquid on the stains. Simply put the liquid on the stained area and then rinse it with the vinegar. It’ll smell funky, but the vinegar helps remove the stain like magic. This trick comes in handy for most food stains.

Use salt or baking soda to neutralize stubborn stains
On a similar note, both salt and baking soda can help neutralize stubborn stains and stop them from setting in. Normally, they work best with various wine spills that you may have in your home. Perhaps you hosted a party, and someone spilled some wine, or maybe you left a glass on a table, and your child knocked it over? Either way, covering the stains with salt or baking soda can help stop it from sinking into the surface that the spill is on. Then, you can pat dry and rinse away with water, and everything will be good as new.

Don’t let spillages become an issue in your home; follow these simple tips, and you’ll clean them with absolute ease from now on.

{Home} Glamorous and Glorious Ways to Upgrade Your Home

*This post contains affiliate links to essential oils and other products I talk about in the post. Purchasing them here from my blog is no extra cost to you but I do earn a commission that helps in the cost of running this blog. Thanks for your support! Read full disclaimer here.
When it comes to decorating your home, you always want to make everything bigger and better than it already is. You run a practical and fun household, but you have always felt like there was something missing. The truth is, every home is different, so you can’t compare your home to anybody else’s. However, you can bring elements of style into your home that you might not already have. You want to create a glorious and glamorous home environment that you enjoy as much as your kids enjoy it. So far your home decor has revolved around practical elements that keep the children happy; now it’s time for you to explore your creativity and make your house dreams come true.

Chic Kitchen Counters
Having luxurious kitchen counters is something you have always dreamed of; you see them in all of the popular home design magazines and you long to have them for yourself. You worry about the cost of marble counters, but actually you can find some exquisite designs that are still very affordable. Marble countertops can enhance your kitchen by leaps and bounds so consider this style for sure.

Fabulous Flooring
The flooring in your home can become pretty worn over time so it might be a good idea to upgrade it now. Opt for wooden flooring which is a timeless and effortless style for any home. Whether you choose deep cherry wood or light oak you will be sure to have the perfect design if you match it well with your furniture.

Smart Shades
Switching up the colour scheme of the walls in your home is the perfect way to boost its overall glamour. You might be growing tired of the shades you chose several years ago, so why not use this opportunity to bring a whole new style to your home? Choosing a colour scheme can be tricky to decide on, but if you choose something that will never go out of style like a natural cream or neutral  beige you won’t be able to go wrong.

Awesome Accessories
Getting your choices of accessories just right can be a challenge for people who don’t quite know what their personal style is. Use your instincts and choose small, but meaningful accessories to finish off the overall design of your home. Whether you hang up a sentimental picture of you and a loved one or your decorate a cushion that was a family heirloom, you can find the accessories that work well with your decor and your personal tastes.

When you start thinking about decorating your home to make it more glamorous you have to consider the ideas that make you most excited. Try not to create a carbon copy of an interior design magazine as this won’t be very personal to you. Tap into your creative mindset and allow your artistic flair to run free; you will soon be able to create a stunning home that is fully worthy of the front cover of any fancy home design magazine.

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