Too Much Stuff In The Shower!

What dose your shower look like? Do you have why to much stuff lined up on the floor or window of your shower or all along the edge of your tub?

There is so many things people  keep in the shower and tub like:

     ~Shavers                  ~Shaving cream
     ~Body wash             ~Soap bar
     ~Shampoo               ~Conditioner
     ~Face wash             ~Washcloth
     ~Back scrubber       ~Loofah

and for some women you may even add:

     ~Bikini shaver    ~Bikini shaving cream
     ~Feminine wash

and if you have kids you could even add:

     ~Kids shampoo    ~Kids conditioner
     ~Bath toys ("oh so many bath toys")

The shower & bath can become so cluttered with all these thing, and it can start to feel very messy and dirty. and if you your keeping your shampoo bottles on the floor of your shower they can get mildew buildup under them, Gross!

So to day we are going to talk about cleaning out the shower & tub!

What do you keep in your shower & tub? Do you have way too many products? Do you maybe even have old empty bottles of shampoo in there?

Take a look in your shower, do you use everything that is in there?

First start with throwing away or put into the cabinet what you haven't used for 2 week's or more. If you don't use it weekly it doesn't belong in the shower! 

So Store these item Under your sink and take it into the shower when you need it, but don't keep it in there.

The less Things you keep in Your shower the cleaner it will be and feel. And you will find its so much easier to clean with less stuff in it.

I have a Lot of stuff so I don't like to keep it in the Shower, so I made myself a shower caddy. Read about it (Click Here)

For all my Showers & Tubs in my home, I Have a hand soap pump dispensers that are Filled with Shampoo. Then a little Soap Dish with my Bar Soap and a Body Brush. (See Picture to right)

This is all I keep in My showers and i love it. It always looks so clean and Tidy.

Other Ideas For Storing Shower Items 
Click Here

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Shower Organizing Ideas!


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See what i keep in my shower Click Here

My Shower Caddy!

This is How I keep my stuff in my shower:

A Shower Caddy with all my stuff! 

I Have a Lot of Items I use, so I don't like to keep them in the shower so I made myself a shower caddy.
I keep it under my sink. When I go to shower I take it in with me. After my shower I will let it sit there and dry and then I get dressed for the day by the time I'm done doing my makeup and hair its normally dry. So put it bake under the sink tell next time.

I love this it works so well for me. and all my stuff is in one place.

What I Keep in My Caddy:
  • My Shampoo
  • My Conditioner
  • Purple Shampoo (I use this once a week to keep yellow out of my blond hair)
  • Face wash
  • Body Wash
  • Feminine Wash
  • Shaving Cream 
  • Shaver
  • Bikini Shaving Cream
  • Bikini Shaver

What I do keep in my shower:

For all my Showers & Tubs in my home, I Have a hand soap pump dispensers that are Filled with Shampoo. Then a little Soap Dish with my Bar Soap and a Body Brush. (See Picture to right)

This is all I keep in My showers and i love it. It always looks so clean and Tidy.

Do you have to Much Clutter in your shower? Click Here to Read More...

To see other Shower Ideas Click Here

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TV Shows!

A couple of weeks back I Mentioned in a post How I like to Watch my Favorite TV Shows as I fold my laundry. Well I have received several Emails asking me what these are, so today I Thought I would give you a list of my Favorite TV Shows.

Grey's Anatomy, Season 9 - Grey's Anatomy

The Big Bang Theory, Season 1 - The Big Bang Theor

Gossip Girl, Season 1 - Gossip Girl

Pretty Little Liars, Season 1 - Pretty Little Liars

Cleaning Bath Toys

All Kids have bath toys, and we can't forget the beloved rubber duckies that is a very big bath must have. well as much as we love our bath toys they get very nasty and get mildew build up on them and in the, and this is not very good for are little ones.

So today we are going to talk about how to clean them and ways to help keep them cleaner.

How to clean rubber bath toys:
  1. squeeze out any water sitting inside the toy.
  2. Fill your sink with water, add 1 cup of vinegar.
  3. Suck water into each rubber toy and allow to soak in sink for 30 min.
  4. After 15 min give the toy a good shake.
  5. Empty water out of toy.
  6. Refill toy and let soak 15 min more.
  7. Shake and squeeze out all water.
  8. Scrub outside of toy with a brush.
  9. Rinse.
  10. Allow to air dry.

Other Bath Toys:
Do everything the same as above but u will not fill the toy with the water, and when shaking the toy shake it in the water.

  • Fill Rubber Toy Holes will silicone.
  • Clean Bath Toys at least once a month.
  • Rinse Toys after every bath in fresh Clean water.
Kids Bath Toys: Kids Light Up Bathtub Goldfish - Goldfish Bath Toy
Kids Bath Toys: Kids Light Up Bathtub Goldfish - Goldfish Bath Toy

Please Comment Below
How Do you Clean your Bath Toys?
Do you have any Tips?

Help Stop the Spreading of Germs!

It's That Time Again! Cold & Flu Time!

Have you seen a child cough or sneeze and not cover there mouth, and they end up coughing or sneezing all over the other children. yes gross and this is one of the big ways are little once get sick. 

If germs aren't kept under control it can become a never-ending battle once Colds & Flu's enter the household.

This is why its very Important for us to Teach are children early on how to cough properly, it's a benefit to themselves and those around them, especially when it comes to becoming sick at Daycare or school. 

But what is the proper way to cover are mouth?

My mom always taught me and her Daycare Children to cover our mouths with our elbow's and not with our hands.

I as well taught the children in my Childcare to do the same. As we don't use this area to open doors, touch the phone, TV remotes etc... so this helps to stop the spreading of germs to others around us.

Yes this will not make it so you never get sick, but it defiantly will help.

So why not start teaching you children, and even yourself to 
do this.

This product is a big help when it come to teaching children.
Germy Wormy

With Germy Wormy's DVD, picture book, and other products your children are going to learn the importance of these skills and more, 

all in a fun and playful way.
Perfect for pre-school, pre-K, elementary schools, homes, and daycares, the Germy Wormy line is exactly what you need to save money on cold medicines, doctor's co-pays, and time off work.

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How do you help stop the spreading of germs?

A Calendar Every Family Need's!

Ever Family Needs A Family Calendar and Planner.

My Hubby and I use the Cozi App! We love it, it works so good for us.

Cozi is a free app and website that helps you manage the craziness of family life with a shared calendar, shopping list, to do list and more.

Cozi helps you keep track of everything from school schedules to sports activities, grocery lists, meals and chores- all in one place accessible by every member of the family and from any computer or mobile device.

Get the App by clicking the link below

Save all Your Pretty Pennies!

Save All Those Pretty Pennies!

My Hubby and I Save all are change. When ever we empty our pockets the change goes in to the jar. Same for when I Clean out my Purse and when we Clean are cars out once a week we put all the change found into the jar. If I find money under the sofa or when doing the wash I put it in the jar.

We let the Money jar fill up and once full we use it for a Special treat like Trips, Fancy Dinners anything. 

After emptying the jar hubby and I deiced what we will use it for next time and wright that on a peace of paper and put it in the jar sometimes if we can't deiced we will put more then one idea in it and then do the old draw out of a hat trick.

Dose your Family Have a Change Jar?
If not I Recommend starting one. Its such a good idea, especially if you have kids.

kids love watching it grow.

sit down as a family a diced what you jar will be used for.

-Family Trip

Tip: When sorting and rolling the change let the kids help, they will have fun and it's a great educational activate.

The last time hubby and I emptied our jar we had a little over $600

Pennies saving ideas.
- Pocket change jar
- Bad word Jar
- missed a work out jar
- laundry jar
-Beer Jar
I have a friend that has people over all the time and they always have beer and drink, well next to the beer the have a Jar labeled Beer Fund and who ever wants can put a little money in. I love this idea for a man room or Home wet bar. 

Here are some Jar Ideas:

 Do you have any money saving tips?
Do you have a Jar?
Whats Your Jar for?
Please Leave your Comments Below!

Cleaning Sound Track!

I love plugging in my IPod and turning up the music as I clean. It makes it more enjoyable, singing and dancing around the  house as I vacuum, dust and do dishes.

Here is a list of what I like to Play as I clean.
To Find it on ITunes Click on the Titles.

  1. Metallica - Metallica
  2. Shania Twain: Greatest Hits - Shania Twain 

  3. Katy Perry - Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection - Katy Perry 
  4. PRISM (Deluxe) - Katy Perry 
  5. Funhouse (Deluxe Version) - P!nk 

  6. The Truth About Love - P!nk
  7. Britney Jean (Deluxe Version) - Britney Spears
  8. Walking On Sunshine - Katrina Leskanich
  9. I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor
  10. Eye of the Tiger (Remastered) - Survivor
  11. The Fame - Lady Gaga
  12. 21 - Adele
  13. Jana Kramer - Jana Kramer

What do you like to play as you clean? 
Please leave a comment below!

Where & How Do I Start to Clean & Organize My Home

Where & How Do I Start To Clean & Organize my Home?

Do you have Dirty Clothes Piles in the Bedroom & Laundry Room, Dishes in the Sink, Toys on the Living Room Floor or Shoes scattered all through the Entryway and Garage, its so bad that you can't come into the Home with out Tripping? Dose this sound Like your home in anyway?

If so lets fix this! We all take pride in our Home, But at times Life can get in the way and are home can start to look like a tornado went through it!

Maybe you just had a baby, We all know that can make our routines go out the window, maybe your working full time or even part time, you are tired of cleaning and just want to spend time with your husband and kids or even Friends, maybe your feeling  depressed, or have other health issues or maybe your just overwhelmed with taking care of the home. Any of these can make it very hard to keep are home up.

So ask your self do i want to get my home Clean and organized? If yes keep reading and see where to start

  1. Walk Through each room of your home and add all the things you want to clean and organize to a to-do list. wright down everything from a cabinet drawer, closet shelf, toy chest, be very specific in the areas you want to clean and organize.
  2. Why dose it need to be cleaned/organised 
  3. Needed storage solutions or products you may need to help you to complete each thing on your to-do list. so start making a shopping list
  4. Evaluate you list and set a realistic date for when you would like each task completed by. Don't pick a date that you feel like you should get it done pick a date that you know you can have it done.
  5. Start a new routine which will help you keep it under control. make a scheduled a realistic one.

Here is an Example with my Answers:
  • Walk Through- My Bedroom always has Clutter and Laundry.
  • Why- lazy and seems to be the last place I clean:(
  • Evaluation- Today I will take 20 min to give my bedroom a good clean.
  • Start- routine, get up a little earlier in the morning, so after i dress I can take a little time to Tidy my Room Before I leave it.

OK so now that you have done all of this where should you start Cleaning and Organizing?

Answer these Questions:
  1. Are you having Trouble Sleeping at night?
  2. Is there a Area in your Home that has a Oder?
  3. Do you have more the 2 Days worth of Dishes in the Kitchen Sink?
  4. What is the most high traffic area in my home, kitchen, living room or laundry room?

    1. If answered Yes you should start here.
    2. If answered yes start with this area and try to determine why there is an Oder.
    3. If yes start with the kitchen Dishes
    4. stat with your most high traffic area in your home then move to the next.
    If you were one able to answer any of these questions then start with the first thing on your list.

    Tip: Before moving on to a new room or task make sure you are completely done with the room or task you have started!
    Here is a Free Download for you!

    Cheeseburger Bake

    This Dish Taste Just like a Cheeseburger I love it, and its so easy to make.

    I love making Pasta Baked Items because its so easy to make it earlier in the day or even the night before and then when dinner time comes just pop it in the oven and in 15 min dinners ready! love it!

    I think this dish taste even better the next day!

    You must try this dish.

    Prep Time 10min        Cook Time 25min         Total Time 30min
    • 2 cups spiral pasta (or any you have on hand)
    • 2 teaspoons oil
    • 1 onion, finely chopped
    • 2 garlic cloves, minced
    • 1 1/2lb Beef minced
    • 1/2 teaspoon salt
    • 2 tablespoons tomato sauce or 4 tablespoons Ketchup
    • 1 15oz can diced tomatoes (don't drain)
    • 3 tablespoons Dijon mustard
    • 1 cup panko breadcrumbs
    • 2 cups cheddar cheese, shredded
    1. preheat oven to 350F.
    2. boil the pasta in large saucepan following packet directions. drain and return to saucepan
    3. meanwhile wall the pasta is boiling warm oil in large fry-pan
    4. Add the onion and fry until softened.
    5. Add garlic and stir
    6. add mince beef and cook until browned.
    7. stir in salt, tomato sauce and mustard.
    8. add the diced tomato's, stir well to combine.
    9. reduce heat and simmer for approximately 2-4 minutes or until mixture is thickened.
    10. pour mixture into saucepan with pasta, stir well.
    11. pour mixture into casserole dish.
    12. sprinkle with breadcrumbs and top with the cheese.
    13. bake in the oven for approximately 10-15 minutes or until cheese has melted.
    14. use the time its in the oven to clean up the kitchen
    15. serve with a salad and corn.

    I hope you like it just as much as me and my family.

    Please leave your comments below of what you think of it or what you did different!

    Cleaning Out your Spices

    Many don't even think about about spices expiring. 
    I'm fine with using spices that are only a few months past expiry date, But no more then 6 month Because they tend to lose their flavor after time.

    Here is an idea of how long spices can be kept for

    Expiry Guide:
    • Ground Spices: 3 years
    • Whole Spices: 4 years
    • Herbs: 1-3 years
    • Seed: 4 years
    • Poppy & Sesame Seeds: 2 years
    • Seasoning Mixes/blends 1-2 years
    Tip:When you purchase spices from the store check the expiration date first to ensure that you are purchasing one that will not expire within the next year.

    Grand Gift Basket Giveaway!!!

    Its that time again, Giveaway Time!
    Grand Gift Basket Giveaway!
    Becoming the ultimate housewife is giving one winner this Grand Gift basket full of stuff.

    A couple of weeks ago i gave a gift to a family member and posted photos of it on our Instagram and so many of you said you wanted one and how much you would love to have it, Well Here It is. Here is you Turn To get ONE! I have made another and its ready to find its home.

    Whats In it? Details Below...
                     ~Dish Soap                                                                       ~Body Soap
                     ~Room Spray                                                                   ~Shaver
                     ~Shaving Cream                                                               ~Toothbrush's
                     ~Toothpaste                                                                     ~Men & Woman's Deodorant
                     ~Makeup                                                                         ~Icy Hot
                     ~Tums                                                                             ~Cold Meds 
                    ~Flu Meds

                       ~Mix of Caned Soup's                                   ~Mix of Caned Broth  
                       ~Mix of Beans                                               ~Several Kinds of Cereal


    And much more Not listed and not shown...

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

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