Cleaning The House

Another role of a housewife is maintaining the upkeep of the house. Tasks like cleaning washing the dishes, doing the laundry, ironing clothes, dusting, keeping the fridge and pantry stocked and going grocery shopping if need be are all completed by a housewife. 

Ensuring that the house is tidy, clean and nicely decorated has traditionally been the role of the housewife, though this expectation has lessened.

What we are going to be talking about is The Housewife's Role of Cleaning the home!

Cleaning house. Not necessarily the most glamorous task for the homemaker, but definitely a requirement!

It works best to set up a schedule of chores. Monday is vacuuming day, Tuesday, you do the laundry, Wednesday is clean the bathroom, etc. By setting the chores to a rhythm and habit, they get done quickly and efficiently, so you have more time to do the things you like best.

You will Find what Schedule works best for you.

Do make a point of cleaning with non-toxic cleaners. Toxic residues, and fumes do you and your family no good. White vinegar is an excellent all-purpose cleaner that is inexpensive and gets the job done. Or you can fined Recipes for Cleaning stuff here on our blog. 

 Cleaning duties include: 

  • organizing
  • dusting
  • cleaning
  • scrubbing
  • sweeping
  • vacuuming
  •  doing the dishes
  • doing laundry

Maintaining the household may also include:

  •  paying the bills
  • creating and maintaining a household Budget
  •  running household errands
  • mowing the lawn
  • getting the car serviced
  • caring for any pets
  • shopping for food and cleaning supplies
  • buying clothes and accessories for the different members of the household.
For each Household this list can change but this is the things that need to be done. 
With a spouse at work and the children at school, Cleaning the house can go much more quickly.
 I always suggest First starting with Running through the house and putting everything in its place example:

  •    like the throw pillows for the sofa pick them up off the floor and put them were they go.
  •  the toy in the hallway put it back in the toy box
  • the news paper your husband was reading at the table put it away
  • the glass of water on the night stand put in the dishwasher.

the list can go on but i think your getting the idea.

  Now you will start with you big cleaning. Consider starting in the kitchen after breakfast. Wash dishes, mop the floor, clean the stove and kitchen table and put the dishes in the cupboard. Move on to other rooms, vacuuming, polishing furniture and dusting.  after cleaning up from breakfast I like to move on to the room my husband will be first walking into after work, then moving on to the next room. That way if I don't get everything done at least when he first walks in it will look neat and tidy. 

For more Tips, cleaning list, schedule planing etc... continue reading our blog


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