Caring For Your Husband

A housewife is a married woman who is not employed outside the home.

(But this dose not mean she doesn't have a Job Because Caring for your Children, Home & Husband is a big Job!)

Most often, the husband works during the day and earns income to support the family, while the wife takes on most of the non-financial responsibilities, such as maintaining the home and, if applicable, caring for the kids. It is up to the couple whether this arrangement works for them.

Sometimes it's a temporary situation, such as if children are too young to go to school and the cost of daycare is greater than the woman's salary.

For other couples, it may represent a commitment to traditional values.

Whatever the reason, if you have chosen to be a housewife, reading this post and others on our Blog will help you flourish in the role.

Caring for your husband is very important!
For many reason!
To name a couple:

-Your Marriage, things will run more smoothly and your Marriage is better when you really want to Care for the other.

-You, There is more happiness in giving then getting!

-Him, he will feel that you care for him, love him & Cherish him.

-Your Children, when thing are better with Mom & Dad it's always better for the kids. Pulse you set a good example for them.

-The People around you, when your happy and have a happy marriage the people around you take note. They learn from you and want to be around you. ( have you ever been to dinner with a couple who fight or you can tell they are just not happy with each other. Yea you never want to go to dinner again with them. Don't be that couple.)

First Thing First:
Discuss expectations with your partner. Discuss realistic expectations, and how to meet them as best as you can.

The definition of a good housewife depends on which house you live in. It is also very culture-dependent.

Do not presume that you have the same expectations because you may find out the hard way (through arguments) that you don't.

Sit down and talk it over.
-What are the things he is hoping you will keep up with in the home?
-What are his responsibilities in the home?

If you are primarily responsible for keeping the house clean, he may take responsibility for cleaning up after himself: putting his dirty laundry in the hamper, placing things where they belong after he has finished using them, emptying the trash near his desk, putting his dishes in the dishwasher, etc.

What you can do to Care For your Husband:

1.) Cook For Him
The saying is "away to a Mans heart is through his stomach" and that not 100% true but I tell u it dose help!

Having a meal ready when he gets home is a good way to let him know that you have been thinking about him and are concerned about his needs.

A good meal can be an expression of love and a warm welcome for your partner when he gets home.

2.) Give Him some Guy Time.
Be mindful and considerate of your spouse's needs. Lots of men need space when they come home from a hard day at work, so welcome him home with a big smile and allow him to relax and unwind.

Have his favourite meal and drink ready, and let him relax after a tough day of work.
Be available to spend time with him and comfort him, but if he wants to spend time alone or with his friends and not you, take a step back and let him have his way. (Yes he don't need to be with his friends every night but he dose need some Guy Time, from time to time.) it's all about being balanced!

3.) Listen to him.
A good wife listens to what her spouse has to say without interrupting.

Show empathy and learn how to have great conversations. The key idea is that to be a good conversationalist, you should strive to listen more and talk less, by engaging the other person to talk more about his interests. That is the mark of humility, respect, selflessness, and generosity.

4.)Improve your skills in the bedroom.
It never hurts, and will only help to learn more about the sexual side of marriage.

There are lots of books and websites that can help you improve your sexual techniques.

Some thing you Need To Do:

1.) Maintain a great appearance.
It is all too easy to stop paying attention to your appearance when you have a husband, but maintaining attraction is a key element of a long-term relationship.

While it was important to keep a good appearance during dating/courtship, it is even more important in a married relationship, or any committed relationship.

Try to spend some time each day making yourself look pretty, wearing clothes that delight him. If your husband oftentimes tells you he likes when you wear a certain garment or outfit, by all means, take the hint.

Good grooming and hygiene are vital, so keep yourself neat and feminine by having a pretty hair cut, nice nails and smooth legs/underarms etc.. (No man wants to be married to a beast. Lol)

2.)Tidy up the house!
make your home a clean and pleasant place to live in.

3.) Find a balance in arguments, but avoid them if possible.
Nagging never works, and will only serve to irritate your spouse. Not speaking your mind is just as bad.
Husbands are not tyrannic creatures:
if you find a balance in arguments, and take turns to speak, things will surely improve. And try not to raise your voice or belittle your spouse!

4.) Love your spouse for who he is.
Don't criticize him in an unconstructive, cruel, or nagging way.

Whatever your image of the 'ideal' man may be, everyone is unique in his own ways, so try to respect that.

Before you try to improve others, try to improve yourself first. If you find things disagreeable about him, let him know in a mature, sensible and loving way: chances are that he will agree on some things and/or explain others, plus it will build trust between both of you and save unnecessary conflicts.

5.) Let him take control.
of certain situations, more so if they are extra personal situations like choosing his hobby, his meals, his clothes, etc.

When you are home a lot, it can be easy to want to take control of everything your husband does in the home, but this may not be your husband's preference.

It's all right if you want to give him your input in a polite way, more so if he asked you. Otherwise, let him have his space, just as you'd want yours. He's a separate human being from you; always remember that.

6.) Don't gossip.
Gossiping is in bad taste, no matter how fashionable it might look.

Talking behind people's backs will make you seem untrustworthy and if your husband finds out he will have every right to question if you have been talking about him behind his back as well.

Always be respectful, so people will treat you (and your husband!) with respect.

1.) Live joyfully.
Make sure that you create a routine and role for yourself that brings you and your family joy.

Being a good housewife is about doing the best you can for the welfare of the entire household, so make it work for you, your partner, and everyone else in the family.


  1. These are great tips! I especially like the reminder of not giving my opinion unless he asks for it. This goes a long way in keeping him happy and in control. Although some folks might read this list and decide it's not their cup of tea, there are many of us that long for the simplicity and contentment this way of life brings. To each his own as they say.

  2. I have been having some marital issues and I'm willing to give this a try.

  3. This article basically sums up my life. I am a 26 yr old christian housewife of 4 children. My husband is 36. He is the head of the house. Women think submission is a weak thing to takes more strength and self control to do the will of God than to fulfill our selfish desire. My husband treats me with love and respect. He listens to my input and oftentimes applies it to a situation. He is a wonderful husband and It makes me happy to take care of him and trust him. It's hard to find a man you can hand all authority over to without a second thought or doubt. :)

  4. i have a joint family due to if want to do sth special i can't and that's the main problem i dont reconcile with my husband ..... because in joint family you cant do ur free will .. that's my biggest problem

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