Husbands Social Rut

Is your husband in a Social Rut? Or dose he just want to spend time with u?

When ones get married we can fined ourselves in a social rut, spending time with the one we love is easy. U can just plop yourself on the sofa and watch TV and relax.
Not to say marriage is the problem it's NOT!

So is your husband in a social rut?
Dose he never spend time with guys?
How much time? And when?

It's easy to stay home it's easy and a lot less effort!

How can you encourage him to hang with the guys?
And why would you want him 2?

When a man spends time with his friends they become less stressed.
I personally love when my husband gets some time with the guys from time to time. He's more relaxed, easy going and full of funny stories and jokes to tell.

Do how do you encourage your husband?

Why not suggest next time there is a game on that you know he wants to watch that he get some friends together to watch at a bar. Or better yet host a little game party at your house with just his guy friends.

What ever you do don't be a nag!
Just be supportive and help him get around his fiends.

Is your husband or you in a rut?
Do you have any tips to help?
Please comment or email me at

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