Caring for Yourself

Its Very easy to get all Wrapped up in the house, kids, hubby and the many other things you have to do, we can forget about yourself  or just feel like You have no time for you!
Many of us feel this way.
But it very important to not forget about yourself and stop caring for yourself.

Its always good to have a schedule, it's good to include time for yourself in this schedule.
here are some ideas.

As a housewife your duty is to take care for yourself mentally, emotionally and physically. This may include getting proper nutrition and exercise, maintaining a good physical appearance and grooming habits, and developing hobbies and a social life outside of the house. This will help you more successfully fulfill your other duties.

Give yourself time in the morning to dress yourself, don't just throw on your Favorite pj pants and a baggy shirt. Yes, you might have to be home all but that doesn't mean you should look like a slob. Shower, Do your Hair, Put your Makeup on etc...                                                                                                                                You will not only look good you will feel better. and Your Husband don't mind it as well!
Add a fitness workout of some sort to your weekly routine. No matter if you want to get up to jog every morning after you take the kids to school or take a yoga class in the middle of the day three times a week, Now's a good time as any to get caught up on your fitness regime.

Out of the House:
Do something that you've been craving. Take a class to get out of the house every once in awhile. Whether you're learning how to perform a striptease for your hubby or getting a pedicure, reward yourself for getting all of your household tasks completed with a little pampering and self-indulgence.
Tip's: (Saving Money)
I'm a money saver so I like to do a lot of my pampering myself at home. I still put the day and time down on my schedule. and keep it just as if i had a appointment somewhere. this way i don't miss some me time.
1.) I use to go get The Gel Nails done, but instead of going to a spa and doing it, I got a Gel set and light all for a Total of $35.00 and now every 2 week I do it myself. yes It did take me some time to get it down. also because I wanted french tip, and that was harder for me to do. but now i'm better at it, and it looks good and I don't have to spend all that money.  
2.) I do my own Toes.

3.)My Hair I mix my own color and do it at home. save big$$$

Now what do I do with the money I'm saving? Whatever I Want! Sometimes I will get a new Outfit, Massage, Waxing, Facial or just Save it. 

Yourself & Hubby:
Prepare yourself, Take fifteen minutes before hubby gets home to rest This way you will be Refreshed when he arrives. He has just been with a lot of work-weary people. Be happy and little more interesting. His boring day may need a lift. Greet him with a smile. This will all help you both.

How Do you care for Yourself?
What Kind of pampering do you do at home?
got any Beauty Tips? 
I would love to here!
Please comment below or email me at:

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  2. I just started reading your blog today and I am loving it! Anyway, I absolutely love food, so how I spoil myself is when I am doing my daily baking, I like to make a little of whatever I make and set it aside for myself. It helps also so I know if the food is good before my husband gets home. I am a young housewife and my favorite thing growing up was video games, so I set aside an hour in my day to play a game of choice. It helps me relax and get my mind off of whatever. Thanks for the awesome blog!

    1. Happy to hear you are enjoying my blog:)
      I do the samething, I always have to try it before i give it to my hubby. I've had to many fails in the past lol.
      What a nice way to relax, me time is always the best.

  3. This is a wonderful article. I would like to suggest you that please keep sharing such type of info. Thanks. I really found this to much informatics.

    1. Thank you for reading. And more is coming your way soon:)


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