My Get Fit Get Healthy Goals "Starting"

So I have started a new Goal!
 Not to lose so many pounds by a special Date, but a Goal to be all together "Fit & Healthy"!

Everyone wants to be sexier, healthier, fit and love themselves.
this Challenge will help

I Started on Monday and I'm doing well...
But don't Worry You can start Now & will still be able to do it along with me.

So go ahead and follow my Blog so you can keep Up.

What I will be doing is each Sunday i will Make 2 Post 1 on How i did that Week and 1 with the Goal and Info for the next week. so don't forget to check in.

Also I would Love for you to follow along with me doing all of it, so here our some others ways you can do this with me.

1.) Follow My Blog

2.) Follow Me on My Fitness Pal 
(Click the Link and sign up and follow me.)

Some Steps To start with: ( You can Do all or just some that's up to you)

1.  Eliminate  soft drinks/sodas.
 soft drinks are bad: empty sugar, extra caffeine dependence, tooth decay, bone weakening ( from an ingredient in sodas) and tons and tons of chemicals.

2.  Drink 8 glasses of water a day.
Hydration is one of the most important things that can keep us young and healthy. Helps skin elasticity too, so drink up. There’s an iPhone app for this I'm Using "Daily Water" A Free app.

3. Eat at least 1 salad a day
There’s only 8 calories in a cup of romaine lettuce, yet it contains 80% of DV for Vitamin A , 19% Vitamin C, 60% Vitamin K and 16% of Folate.

4. Cut down fatty and/or processed meat consumption to at most once a week


6. Make only whole grain meals instead of refined grains

7. Use less salt.

8.  Start writing down every calorie you eat 
recording everything you eat and counting calories helps you realize the nutritional mistakes you make throughout the day and keeps you from pigging out on those cookies or ice cream at 10 pm. This is why I use the My Fitness Pal Follow Me Click Here

9. Eat no more than 1 sweet treat a day

10. Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily

11. Make a home cooked meal using the healthiest ingredients and no oil at least 3 times a week ( mac and cheese or potatoes and steak do not count as a healthy meal)

12. Work out at least 1 day this week
You can pick just one challenge, or as many as you’d like. If you feel you’re disciplined enough to handle a few challenges, go for it! You can come up with your own challenge that fits your life better and share it with everyone.

Here Is My Info and Goal This week.
1.) Weight & Height: 147lb / 5' 4"
2.) Fitness Callenge(s) for This week: work out at least 1 time
3.) Food Challenge(s) for this week: cute back on soft drinks, drink 8 glasses of water a day, eat 1 salad a day, eat less chip if any at all, make more whole grain meals, use less salt, count my calories using My Fitness Pal, try to only eat 1 sweet treat a day, eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily, make a home cooked meal using the healthiest ingredients and no oil at least 3 times a week.
(as you can see i changed it a little for myself i have to be realistic in what i will do)

Now 5/30/2013
Goal to get back 2
4.) My Self Portrait Now and Goal to be: 

Below is the format you can use to track your progress and share with us if you would like to join and participant in your weekly posts.
1. Your weight and height (optional):
2. Your  fitness challenge(s) for this week:
3. Your food challenge(s) for this week:
4. How well did it go:
5. Failures and slip-ups:
6. Weekly challenge wisdom:
7. Advice to fellow GET FIT members:
8. Your self-portrait
 ( optional but strongly encouraged)
So for this week, publish a post with your “Fitness and Health Goals, a picture of your Goal Body and my Button or link, and email my a copy of your post or you link at , and get ready to GET FIT.
Your initial post and first check-in is due on Sunday.


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  1. Sorry To my Readers I had next weeks Post to upload by its self but i Just seen last night it never Did. I will Have it Up Soon. Again I'm So Sorry. But that you for being understating.


Thank You for Reading.

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