Get Fit Get Healthy Week 2

Here we Are Week 2!
I'm so Happy we are on Week 2, One reason because that means i'm still going!

Here is Just a Reminder and For You Who are New, What you need to do:

1.) If you haven't yet, Join The Challenge Here: Get Fit Get Healthy "Starting"
2.) Ever Monday come back to Becoming the Ultimate Housewife to read the tips on how to Get Fit, Healthy and Feel mor Sexy and Confident.
3.) Weekly Write a post or email me about your progress, following the Goal chart below, and link up with us.
4.) Don't forget to grab the Get Fit Get Healthy button on the Sidebar and display it on your blog or on you update post.

Ok so Now that we Are all Done Taking about that, Its Time to Get Back to Week 2!
I'm so Exited about week 2.

Not that much Changes In Week 2 but a little dose but hey this Challenge is all for every day  Women Who Need a Recitalist Challenge they can Keep up with.

So here  We go Here are Our Goal's for Week 2:

This Week's Nutritional Challenge is Still going to Be  Juicing!
But Instated of Juicing for only one meal we are going to try for 2 meals.
also focuses on the meals you eat having lots of Fruit and veggies with or in them.

Now Remember its all up to you, but doing this you will really see a change.

For Some Recipes check out last week's post: Get Fit Get Healthy Week 1

Also we Are going to count our Calories With My Fitness Pal Make it Your Goal to Log Strait For 7 days. If You already are up to 7 days strait then make it your goal to be 14 days strait.
Don't Forget To add Me As Your Friend on MyFitnessPal Here is my Link to my Profile

This Week's Fitness Challenge:
We Are Still Going to Focuses on doing Squats each Day! And Adding 5 more each day. But this Week We are going to start at 80 and work are way up.

This Week we are also going to add Walking. Were going to go walking at least every-other night. Start with walking around the block and work up to more.

Also One More Little Thing for this week.
Or should i say Big thing because this is going to be hard on a lot of us especially Me!
Our Self-Photo This Week we will Take a full body shot of our self's. 
I know this is going to be tough for a lot of us, but it;s important to have a full body shot of where you started  so you can see the results better and trust me it will motivate you. the only way to compare the before and after it with photos. 

Don't forget to share with me! comment or email me at
Also please let me know if you have and yummy juicing tips!

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