How to Fix Scratches & Holes in Hard Wood Floors!

Oh no! When moving into our newly remodeled home, I dropped the sofa on the new, perfect hard wood floors, leaving a big ugly hole right were everyone could see it. 
Of course it wasn't in a spot that I could just put something over it! So sad I wanted to cry! My hubby just looked at me in shock like "what just happened" with a very sad look on his face. 
Him and I worked so hard on installing the floors! It was so sad seeing this!
The hole & some scratches from me dropping
 the Sofa
I had to do something to fix this!
So here you, go this is how I did it!

First, what you will need!
- Blend-Fil pencil (found at Home Depot, with the wood stain)
- Dry cloth
- Damp cloth 

Step #1
Clean the surface

Step #2
Fill the hole or scratch

Step #3
Wipe with dry cloth
*do not push the cloth in tje hole

*If you need to, add more fill.

Step #4
Wipe with damp cloth.


Yes, you can still see some little scratches because they were too small to get the fill to stay. But at least no big ugly hole any more!
Here is a step by step video!


  1. Thank you for your advice. I have never though it was so easy. I have 2 children and my floor is a nightmare. I am going to fix all the scratches. Soooo glad that found your video. Best regards!

  2. The most horrible part of every flooring is maintenance and repair; due to holes, scratches, and patches, house owners are doing a regular inspection to protect their flooring. Therefore, they used to choose the best flooring option, which requires less maintenance and repair. Hardwood flooring is the best ever options for every house owners. Thanks for these valuable tips on the fixes of scratches and holes.


Thank You for Reading.

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