Morning Routine

When I started trying to be a better housewife I was having a hard time getting everything done, as soon as I would clean something it was messy again. The biggest thing that helped me keep my home Clean and keep me from going crazy was having Routine's and stinking to them. 
So I made myself a morning routine and an evening routine. It took some time for me to get them down and to make them a habit, and I found I needed to adjusting it as I went, tell I found what worked for me. and still to this day I change it a little from time to time. Hey life changes so, so do our routines.

So Here is My Morning Routine.
6:15AM Wake up & Shower
6:35AM Make Breakfast & Pack Lunch (Lunch was made the night before)
6:50AM Eat as a Family
7:05AM Unpack Dishwasher (It was ran the night before)
7:15AM Pack Dishwasher, Wipe Counter
7:25AM Put away Clean Laundry (It was Washed the night before) 
7:45AM Make Bed & Pick Up room (I don't do this when I first wake because my Hubby is still sleeping, and i always give the bed Time to air out, this is good to kill Germs)
8:00AM Finish Getting Dressed Make-up & Hair
8:20AM Wipe Over Bathroom
8:30AM Check To Do List and Calender
8:35AM If going somewhere put stuff by Door ready to go (Lunch, Purse, Keys, Jacket, shoes etc..)
8:45AM Off to were I need to be or If staying home for the Day I Start my Daily Task's 

                                                                                                                See Evening Routine Here>>

I Hope this can Give You some Ideas on How to make you Morning Routine and What to add. 
Please Comment Below Telling Use your Morning Routine!
Or And Tips you may have or feel free to email me at


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