Grand Gift Basket Giveaway!!!

Its that time again, Giveaway Time!
Grand Gift Basket Giveaway!
Becoming the ultimate housewife is giving one winner this Grand Gift basket full of stuff.

A couple of weeks ago i gave a gift to a family member and posted photos of it on our Instagram and so many of you said you wanted one and how much you would love to have it, Well Here It is. Here is you Turn To get ONE! I have made another and its ready to find its home.

Whats In it? Details Below...
                 ~Dish Soap                                                                       ~Body Soap
                 ~Room Spray                                                                   ~Shaver
                 ~Shaving Cream                                                               ~Toothbrush's
                 ~Toothpaste                                                                     ~Men & Woman's Deodorant
                 ~Makeup                                                                         ~Icy Hot
                 ~Tums                                                                             ~Cold Meds 
                ~Flu Meds

                   ~Mix of Caned Soup's                                   ~Mix of Caned Broth  
                   ~Mix of Beans                                               ~Several Kinds of Cereal


And much more Not listed and not shown...

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  1. What a fun idea!!! Even if you didn't send it, I can think of other fun ways to use this idea at home with my kids. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

    important gift ideas


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