How to Give your Microwave a Good Clean!

I give my microwave a wipe once a week.  My microwave manual recommends not to use harsh chemicals or abrasives, so This is what I do and it works so well! and it's easy!


  1. Half fill a glass jug, add 1 tablespoon of vinegar.  Place in microwave and turn on for 5 min. (this will loosen all the food)
  2. Remove glass jug
  3. Remove the glass turntable from microwave, clean and dry. (to wipe it all clean I just use a wet sponge)
  4. Remove the rotating element the plate sits on, clean and dry. This will give you easier access to the dirt in the microwave.
  5. Wipe over inside of microwave
  6. Place element and turntable back into microwave
  7. Wipe over outside of microwave, polish if stainless steel.
If you have a Microwave on your counter do the following once a month:

  1. Remove microwave from shelf.
  2. Wipe shelf to remove all dust.
  3. Wipe the microwave electrical cord, removing all dust particles and give the outside a wipe down too. Place back on shelf.
  4. If there are any sticky or grimy parts, wring sponge slightly for a small amount of water to sit on top of grim for a minute.


  1. I always spend more time than I think I should scrubbing pesky spots. This really works and makes it so much easier thank you!

    1. I'm happy to hear you Tried it! Thank You for reading! :)


Thank You for Reading.

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