Help Stop the Spreading of Germs!

It's That Time Again! Cold & Flu Time!

Have you seen a child cough or sneeze and not cover there mouth, and they end up coughing or sneezing all over the other children. yes gross and this is one of the big ways are little once get sick. 

If germs aren't kept under control it can become a never-ending battle once Colds & Flu's enter the household.

This is why its very Important for us to Teach are children early on how to cough properly, it's a benefit to themselves and those around them, especially when it comes to becoming sick at Daycare or school. 

But what is the proper way to cover are mouth?

My mom always taught me and her Daycare Children to cover our mouths with our elbow's and not with our hands.

I as well taught the children in my Childcare to do the same. As we don't use this area to open doors, touch the phone, TV remotes etc... so this helps to stop the spreading of germs to others around us.

Yes this will not make it so you never get sick, but it defiantly will help.

So why not start teaching you children, and even yourself to 
do this.

This product is a big help when it come to teaching children.
Germy Wormy

With Germy Wormy's DVD, picture book, and other products your children are going to learn the importance of these skills and more, 

all in a fun and playful way.
Perfect for pre-school, pre-K, elementary schools, homes, and daycares, the Germy Wormy line is exactly what you need to save money on cold medicines, doctor's co-pays, and time off work.

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How do you help stop the spreading of germs?

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