Save all Your Pretty Pennies!

Save All Those Pretty Pennies!

My Hubby and I Save all are change. When ever we empty our pockets the change goes in to the jar. Same for when I Clean out my Purse and when we Clean are cars out once a week we put all the change found into the jar. If I find money under the sofa or when doing the wash I put it in the jar.

We let the Money jar fill up and once full we use it for a Special treat like Trips, Fancy Dinners anything. 

After emptying the jar hubby and I deiced what we will use it for next time and wright that on a peace of paper and put it in the jar sometimes if we can't deiced we will put more then one idea in it and then do the old draw out of a hat trick.

Dose your Family Have a Change Jar?
If not I Recommend starting one. Its such a good idea, especially if you have kids.

kids love watching it grow.

sit down as a family a diced what you jar will be used for.

-Family Trip

Tip: When sorting and rolling the change let the kids help, they will have fun and it's a great educational activate.

The last time hubby and I emptied our jar we had a little over $600

Pennies saving ideas.
- Pocket change jar
- Bad word Jar
- missed a work out jar
- laundry jar
-Beer Jar
I have a friend that has people over all the time and they always have beer and drink, well next to the beer the have a Jar labeled Beer Fund and who ever wants can put a little money in. I love this idea for a man room or Home wet bar. 

Here are some Jar Ideas:

 Do you have any money saving tips?
Do you have a Jar?
Whats Your Jar for?
Please Leave your Comments Below!

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