Too Much Stuff In The Shower!

What dose your shower look like? Do you have why to much stuff lined up on the floor or window of your shower or all along the edge of your tub?

There is so many things people  keep in the shower and tub like:

     ~Shavers                  ~Shaving cream
     ~Body wash             ~Soap bar
     ~Shampoo               ~Conditioner
     ~Face wash             ~Washcloth
     ~Back scrubber       ~Loofah

and for some women you may even add:

     ~Bikini shaver    ~Bikini shaving cream
     ~Feminine wash

and if you have kids you could even add:

     ~Kids shampoo    ~Kids conditioner
     ~Bath toys ("oh so many bath toys")

The shower & bath can become so cluttered with all these thing, and it can start to feel very messy and dirty. and if you your keeping your shampoo bottles on the floor of your shower they can get mildew buildup under them, Gross!

So to day we are going to talk about cleaning out the shower & tub!

What do you keep in your shower & tub? Do you have way too many products? Do you maybe even have old empty bottles of shampoo in there?

Take a look in your shower, do you use everything that is in there?

First start with throwing away or put into the cabinet what you haven't used for 2 week's or more. If you don't use it weekly it doesn't belong in the shower! 

So Store these item Under your sink and take it into the shower when you need it, but don't keep it in there.

The less Things you keep in Your shower the cleaner it will be and feel. And you will find its so much easier to clean with less stuff in it.

I have a Lot of stuff so I don't like to keep it in the Shower, so I made myself a shower caddy. Read about it (Click Here)

For all my Showers & Tubs in my home, I Have a hand soap pump dispensers that are Filled with Shampoo. Then a little Soap Dish with my Bar Soap and a Body Brush. (See Picture to right)

This is all I keep in My showers and i love it. It always looks so clean and Tidy.

Other Ideas For Storing Shower Items 
Click Here

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Did this help you in anyway?
How do you keep your shower tidy?
have any ideas or tips?


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