Where & How Do I Start to Clean & Organize My Home

Where & How Do I Start To Clean & Organize my Home?

Do you have Dirty Clothes Piles in the Bedroom & Laundry Room, Dishes in the Sink, Toys on the Living Room Floor or Shoes scattered all through the Entryway and Garage, its so bad that you can't come into the Home with out Tripping? Dose this sound Like your home in anyway?

If so lets fix this! We all take pride in our Home, But at times Life can get in the way and are home can start to look like a tornado went through it!

Maybe you just had a baby, We all know that can make our routines go out the window, maybe your working full time or even part time, you are tired of cleaning and just want to spend time with your husband and kids or even Friends, maybe your feeling  depressed, or have other health issues or maybe your just overwhelmed with taking care of the home. Any of these can make it very hard to keep are home up.

So ask your self do i want to get my home Clean and organized? If yes keep reading and see where to start

  1. Walk Through each room of your home and add all the things you want to clean and organize to a to-do list. wright down everything from a cabinet drawer, closet shelf, toy chest, be very specific in the areas you want to clean and organize.
  2. Why dose it need to be cleaned/organised 
  3. Needed storage solutions or products you may need to help you to complete each thing on your to-do list. so start making a shopping list
  4. Evaluate you list and set a realistic date for when you would like each task completed by. Don't pick a date that you feel like you should get it done pick a date that you know you can have it done.
  5. Start a new routine which will help you keep it under control. make a scheduled a realistic one.

Here is an Example with my Answers:
  • Walk Through- My Bedroom always has Clutter and Laundry.
  • Why- lazy and seems to be the last place I clean:(
  • Evaluation- Today I will take 20 min to give my bedroom a good clean.
  • Start- routine, get up a little earlier in the morning, so after i dress I can take a little time to Tidy my Room Before I leave it.

OK so now that you have done all of this where should you start Cleaning and Organizing?

Answer these Questions:
  1. Are you having Trouble Sleeping at night?
  2. Is there a Area in your Home that has a Oder?
  3. Do you have more the 2 Days worth of Dishes in the Kitchen Sink?
  4. What is the most high traffic area in my home, kitchen, living room or laundry room?

    1. If answered Yes you should start here.
    2. If answered yes start with this area and try to determine why there is an Oder.
    3. If yes start with the kitchen Dishes
    4. stat with your most high traffic area in your home then move to the next.
    If you were one able to answer any of these questions then start with the first thing on your list.

    Tip: Before moving on to a new room or task make sure you are completely done with the room or task you have started!
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