{Office} How to Clean TV's & Compute's

Many don't think about how dirty and nasty a computer can get. Think about it, we use our computers so often and for so much, and use them when we are sick, but when do we give it a really good clean?

So let go clean that nasty, dirty computer!

How To:

  1. Turn off computer
  2. Unplug at power point
  3. Using a hair dryer on cool, blow out dust from between the keyboard keys.
  4. Wipe over keyboard with disinfectant wipe
  5. Wipe over the mouse with disinfectant wipe
  6. Wipe down computer tower
  7. Wipe down all the cords
  8. Wipe over computer monitor, not the screen
  9. Clean the screen: 
  • Glass Screen- using a damp lint free cloth. Glass cleaner can be used but only if sprayed onto cloth not directly onto screen.
  • LCD Screen- Press gently while cleaning- Using a damp lint free cloth to clean, Do Not Use Any Chemicals.
  • Instead of a hairdryer, use a vacuum brush attachment to get dirt from keyboard.
  • If unplugging electrical cords take note which cords go where.

For the TV Follow step #9

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Cleaning your Bathroom Sink Plug!

I clean the bathroom sink Plug every 2 weeks, This spot gets very dirty and it's the thing that you see as you wash your face, brush your teeth and so on.

How to clean:

  1. Remove the drain cover (to remove, put finger in hole and lift out. some my twist out.)
  2. Give the drain a good clean with an old toothbrush, bicarb and vinegar (or bathroom cleaner)
  3. Using an old toothbrush give inside the drain a really good scrub removing all mold and build up.
  4. replace cover and clean around the top of the plug hole.
  • If you have stubborn build up around the top area try removing it with a toothpick.
  • Calcium dissolve from ENJO is also really good.

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How To Clean a Toilet and rid of Odor!

Sometimes our toilets can get very smelly, even if we clean it regularly. sometimes its just hard to get that bad smell to go away.

This smell comes from under the toilet seat, so no general clean is going to get it. it comes from build up getting underneath, yes such as pee. If you have a young boy in the house you know its got to be bad.

On most toilets you can just unscrew the toilet lid from under neath.

What To Do:
  1. Take toilet lid off
  2. Put lid in hot water & Disinfectant, let it soak
  3. Mix Bicarb Soda & Lemon Juice tell it makes a paste. (The lemon juice acts as a disinfectant)
  4. Put mix onto areas that need to be cleaned and around the bottom base of the toilet. you want to just slop it on there don't scrub. (if you have extra put it on the floor around toilet.)
  5. let paste sit for 10 min
  6. Spray Paste with a little Vinegar
  7. Let sit another 5 min
  8. Wipe Paste off and give Toilet a good wipe down
  9. Clean & Dry off Lid and Place back.

Its a good Idea to do this every 3 months but if you have a little boy (or even a messy man) do it once every month

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