{Office} How to Clean TV's & Compute's

Many don't think about how dirty and nasty a computer can get. Think about it, we use our computers so often and for so much, and use them when we are sick, but when do we give it a really good clean?

So let go clean that nasty, dirty computer!

How To:

  1. Turn off computer
  2. Unplug at power point
  3. Using a hair dryer on cool, blow out dust from between the keyboard keys.
  4. Wipe over keyboard with disinfectant wipe
  5. Wipe over the mouse with disinfectant wipe
  6. Wipe down computer tower
  7. Wipe down all the cords
  8. Wipe over computer monitor, not the screen
  9. Clean the screen: 
  • Glass Screen- using a damp lint free cloth. Glass cleaner can be used but only if sprayed onto cloth not directly onto screen.
  • LCD Screen- Press gently while cleaning- Using a damp lint free cloth to clean, Do Not Use Any Chemicals.
  • Instead of a hairdryer, use a vacuum brush attachment to get dirt from keyboard.
  • If unplugging electrical cords take note which cords go where.

For the TV Follow step #9

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How do you clean these items?
What tips do you have for cleaning them?
Did this Post help you in anyway?


  1. The idea of cleaning the keyboard with a hairdryer is such a good idea!


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