{PETS} Grooming your Cat!

All Cats need to be groomed some more then others.

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long-haired cats should be brushed every day, to avoid matted, tangled fur and the skin problems that can result from neglected coat.

Tip: Start Grooming your cat when they are young so they are use to it.

In all cat's fur balls can build up in the stomach, so even short-haired cats benefit from grooming.

How to groom:
1. Set aside a grooming area. keep in mind  hygiene. so this area Would Not be your Kitchen Bench.

2. Remember to talk gently consistently to your cat wall grooming this puts them at ease.

3. Fluff cat's coat up with your hand, then with a wide Tooth Comb lightly brush from roots to tip in the direction of growth.

4. Repeat Step 3 with a Fine-tooth comb.

5. wipe eyes softly with damp cloth.

6. Praise your cat with a little treat!

Tip: Remember to Wash you Cats Bedding Regularly! (I do mine once a week)

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Please Comment Below!
How do you Groom your cat?
How do you keep your cat Relaxed?
Have any tips to add?


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