New Challenge Part 1

I hope You had a chance to watch the Video "BIG Announcement" If You haven't yet please Click Here to watch it! Then come back here and hear about our New Challenge!

I'm So Excited For This Challenge! I know this is really going to help me get everything done!

Watch the video below to learn about the New challenge and what it is!

After 6 1/2 years of Marriage, Now my Husband and I are expecting our First baby! :)
We are so happy, But this was not planned so I have not done anything around my home to be ready for a baby.

I'm 8 weeks and that only gives me maybe 7 months to get everything done and that's if I feel good to do it all because I'm so sick and sleepy all the time.(but hey sick is a good thing in this case)

Once I found out I was Pregnant I went online and looked for book, websites, blogs whatever I could find to get List and Tasks that I need to get done around the home before the baby comes. but once I started looking  there was No one place for everything, one book would be about getting baby's room ready and that's it, or a website would have getting your home clean before baby but didn't have any thing for getting your home safe or having the room ready.

 So after looking at many different things and looking around my home at the things i want to get done before the baby I have made my list of what I need to Get Done. That's where This Challenge Comes In!

In this Challenge I will be getting things ready for the Baby's arrival, Its Not Just for Pregnant Ones. Any One Can Do It! Because we are not just going to be having baby oriented tasks there will be things for cleaning and organizing your home as well. So Join us In this challenge!

This Challenge Is going to be a little Different Than Other Challenges in how its going to be Laid out I explain this all in "New Challenge Part 2".

All Post will be Located Under the Tab "My Pregnancy Journey" Located at the Top Right side of the Blog.

New Challenge Part 2>>

Please Comment Below!
Will you be Joining The Challenge?
Have anything you need or want me to add in the Challenge?
Are you Pregnant Or a Mom?

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