New Challenge Part 2

If You Haven't Watched "New Challenge Part 1" Yet Click Here to Go watch It first!

For Info On the Challenge Please Watch the Video Below!

How The Challenge Will Work!

Again This Challenge Is not Just For Expecting Families only, We will be doing many Kind of Task so Any One Can Join The Challenge.

This Challenge will be a little Different From other challenges, As to it will Be a Weekly Challenge not a Daily Challenge. This will help with the days I'm really sick and just cant do as much!

I will Be Posting The Weekly Task list No earlier Than Friday Morning And No Later Than Monday Evening. So the Challenge Task Post will Be Posted Sometime Friday-Monday. (Sorry I can't Give a Exact Day and Time, Like I said My days have been so up and down with being sick that its hard for me to plan on when.)

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What Kind of Task will there Be?

Cleaning Task: A Thing or a Place to clean

Organizing Task: Something to Organizing!

Decluttering Task: Something to Declutter!

Routine: Something to add or change in your Routine!

10 Minute Task: A Place or thing to clean, organize or declutter that should only take you 10 minutes or less.

Baby Task: A Thing to do to get ready for baby! (I forgot to mention this in video)

Please Comment Below!
Are You going to join us?
Have anything you want added to the challenge?
Are you expecting?

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