{My Pregnancy Journey} 20 Weeks

21 Weeks
Week's: 20 Weeks

Weight Gain/Loss: 10lb Total
Tiredness: I find I get Tired out Very Easy
Sleep: Have lots of dreams, Baby Kicks a lot at night and it wakes me up
Memory of the Week: Finding This Little Suit
Cravings: Fish & Coffee
Things I miss: Regular Coffee and Wine
Showing: A lot more
Movement: Lots Hes doing Little Flips
Gender: Its A Boy
Pain Or Discomfort: Back has been Hurting and Hip area Doctor says growing pains
Swelling: When I walk or stand for a long time my feet swell and my fingers are swollen.
Wedding Band On or Off: Off But I have been putting it on when It fits
Worries: That I don't have time to get everything done
Belly Button In or Out: IN, I have always had a pretty deep belly button but now its not as deep but its not out yet.

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