{My Pregnancy Journey} 23 Weeks

23 Week's 
Week's: 23 weeks
Sleep: Been having a hard time sleeping he has been moving around a lot at night.
Memory of the Week: I surprised my hubby with this little onesie, his face when he seen it haven't seen him this excited over something, He loved it!
We also went and started our registry at Babies R Us So much fun but man its a lot of work deciding on everything. but it was a very nice evening with Hubby! after we were all done we went and enjoyed a yummy meal out! 
Cravings: Pasta 
Showing: Getting Bigger and bigger
Movement: He movie a lot when we r in the car when Daddy start singing he goes crazy like he's doing little flips:)
Pain Or Discomfort: Back has been killing me
Wedding Band On or Off: off
Belly Button In or Out: in  

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