{My Pregnancy Journey} 3D Ultrasound!

So in my last post {My Pregnancy Journey} 24 Weeks! I was saying how I could not wait until the 3D Ultrasound!

Well last Friday was our appointment. Man I was so Nervous and so excited! Today I thought I would take some time to write about my experience and what I thought it would be like and how it really was.

First of all I have been to them before but never for myself. I Really wanted to get one more for the family (our Grammy has been asking us to get one every time we see her), and to make sure its a Boy before I get to far into planning. My hubby however has never really been a fan of them he don't really see the need to spend the money, so he was more leaving it up to me to decided if we were doing it.

So I called the place to make my appointment they said they recommend doing it between 24-28 weeks but the best time is 27-28 weeks if you want a good face photo, They said that after 28 weeks its hard to get any good photos because the baby is bigger and less room for him to move a lot, and the baby starts working his way into birthing position so its hard to get a good face photo. well I was 25 weeks and my Father-in-law is leaving for a month so I thought I better book it for this week.

What they told me to do:
They told me to drink 10-12 8oz Glass of water a day up to my appointment. (No Prob there I have been making it a rule I drink 10 8oz glass a day before I can have anything else) then they told me 1 hour before my appointment to empty my bladder completely and then drink 1-2 8oz glass of something high in sugar. and to only eat a light meal (as to a heavy meal will put the baby to sleep)

 Now a friend of mine said she did a milkshake, I thought this was a good idea. I have hear of ones having a milk shake before they go to the ultrasound but my hubby was like "milk shakes fill you up and make you sleepy so that would be like having a heavy meal" so I asked the ultrasound place what they thought of a milkshake and they said the same thing my hubby said. so they do not recommend milk shakes lol.

Now here is what they did tell me they recommend:
- OJ
- Soda
- Fruit Punch
- Sugary Mocha From Starbucks (such as the mint chocolate etc...)
- Kool Aid

The Day of the Appointment:

So I drink all my water up to my appointment.
About 2 hours before my appointment I had a small snack of, Cheese & a little Meat just a little.
A hour before my appointment I Used the restroom for the last time. Then I drank 2 8oz glass of Kool Aid that I make with extra sugar.

Now on our way. Man I was all over the place excited & Nervous I could not even think straight!

everyone was meeting us there. we had Family and Friends, we had a large group of people.
-My Parents
-Hubby's Parents
- Hubby's Grandparents (baby's great grandparents)
-My Sister
-My Nephew (13)
-My Niece (8)
-Hubby's Aunt
-Hubby's Uncle
-Our Good Friends D&C and there to girls who are 16 & 14

So counting Hubby and I we had 17 people lol. 

We pull up and of course our families are always early to everything they are all waiting for us outside. (hey early is way better than late)

Once Inside I checked in and we all slowly filed into the room where they would do the Ultrasound. It was very nice the room was softly light with a table in the middle where I would lay and chair on one side so hubby could sit by me. on the other side was a chair for the tech. and all along the wall they had a Big Bench that fit almost everyone, they also had so big pillows for those who wished to sit on the ground. straight in front of me they had a larger TV screen where we could see the baby and on both sides of the room they had smaller TVs so no matter where anyone was sitting they got a good view of the baby.

So I layed down Pulled My top up to expose my Growing Belly and she put a towel down on my lap so nothing would get on my pants the Gel was warm, I would of liked it to be Cold because I was so nervous that I was very hot lol.

She started looking for his little man parts because I told her I wanted Gender Confirmation. (they offer Deal's where if they get your gender wrong then you get your money back pretty cool) And within seconds she was like Oh Yay This is a Boy! And there was no doubt to it me and Hubby could see it as well before she even told us there was no way he is not a Boy! :) so way less nervous now because I realize No need to return and of the items I have purchased. Yea!

So now she starts to look at the face at first it was the normal Black and White Ultrasound and here is the first thing we see!

Side of  Baby's Face With a Foot Up by his Head:)

Just this Photo had me so happy I did this! Now She goes for the 3D But this is were it go hard see how in the photo above I said he had his foot in his face! Yea he had one foot On his forehead and one by his neck and then one hand on his eyes and one on his chin. he was completely covering up from us. so we could not see his little face very well. :(  so the tech keeps trying and trying but every time he move he still keeps his hands and feet in front of his face.

Then Finely for like 15 seconds he moved his hands hand so we could see some of his face and Oh My that 15 seconds was worth every penny!!!!!! He looks as if he has a little Nose like his daddy, Big full lips not sure where that's from. but man he is so cute! The down side is because he only uncovered for seconds she could not get any good photos but see tryed and tryed and even went over time on my session to see if he would move more, she even had another tech see if she could get him to move but no he decided to go to sleep he was done with us :(

So they Offered for me to come back in 2 week to give it another go for Free! Which this made me very happy!

Doggie that Plays Our Baby's Heartbeat!
So now I'm waiting 2 weeks and I get to go and see our little guy again!:)
I'm a little sad because my father-in-law will not get to be here for it because he will be gone for a month but at least he got to see his little face for those seconds he showed us. and we will send his a photo as soon as we are out of the appointment.

The Other This the showed us on the baby is Hearing the Baby's heartbeat oh wow that got everyone's attention. They place Recorded his heartbeat for us and then put it it a stuffed animal of our choice and of course me being a Dog Lover and to pick a little Doggie.

I love It!

I can honestly say that even though I didn't get any photos this Time I am still very happy I did this and I would Recommend It to any pregnant person who wants to do it!

So now I sit here waiting for my 2 weeks to click on by so I can see him again. I'm drinking 12 8oz glass of water a day, and before my appointment time I think I will drink a Soda. I also am going to eat something just before I go in the room because I have Noticed that my little guy seems to be active right after I eat.

I'm trying Very hard to see what makes him active this week so I can Try and do this before or at the appointment. So far its been food. and That is what I would Suggest myself to anyone who is going to do a 3D Ultrasound to pay attention on what makes your baby move and do that.

Please Comment Below!
Will you do a 3D Ultrasound?
Have You Done one?
Anything you would Suggest?

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