{My Pregncey Journey} Week 12!

Week's:12 Week
Weight Gain/Loss: No more since week 10
Stretch Mark Care:Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter, Burt's Bees Mama Bee Nourishing Body Oil With Vitamin-E, 
How Many Stretch Marks: None from the pregnancy But I do have then From when I was a Teen Growing. My Boobies Itch Really bad but I try not to scratch because they say it's bad.
Tiredness:If i'm Really active i get tired quickly out of breath.
Sleep: Having Crazy Dreams.
Cravings: Pizza from Ca' Momi in Napa, Ca and Sage.
What's Making you Sick: Bad Smells like trash, feet, etc my sense of smell is very strong right now.
Things I miss: Wine
Showing: Yes A little
Gender prediction: no Clue
Pain Or Discomfort: My Neck and back have been sore
Labor Signs: No
Swelling: None
Wedding Band On or Off: On
Worries: none
Belly Button In or Out: IN
Feelings: Excited!!!! 
Mood Swing Events: As we were in napa this weekend I was craving Pizza from Ca' Momi, and that was the one place I wanted to go wall we were there. my hubby and the other couple didn't want to go and I Kinda had a fit (thats so not normal for me!!) I was almost in tears as i told my hubby this is the only reason I came here this weekend now nobody wants to go. and I will not get the Pizza because that's the only place. He realized how important it was to me and seem how emotional i was as and I felt so bad because i could see in his eyes he felt bad for even changing the plan, my sweet Cousin/ Best friend Simply goes lets stick with our plan and go there and get a pizza first. man I felt so stupid for getting so upset about pizza lol.

I guess don't get in the way of Food and this pregnant Girl Lol :)
Can't Wait for: To know if its a girl or boy

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