{My Pregnancy Journey} 26 Weeks - 30 Weeks!

26-30 Week's 
Week's: 26-30 week's

Weight Gain/Loss: 8
Stretch Mark Care: None Yet
Tiredness: I'm pretty tired by the end of the day so I try and go to bed earlier these days. some days I just need a nap because I'm so tired.
Cravings: I can't get enough Fruit and veggies and I love love pineapple juice right now. I also Crave Beer so Badly. 
Things I miss: Beer, a Mexican Beer with Lime and salt, Yum
Movement: He moves like crazy
Pain Or Discomfort: A little lower back pain but my Belly Band has been helping a lot. Also so pelvic pain but the Belly Band Helps that a lot.
Labor Signs: No
Swelling: Yes
Wedding Band On or Off: Off
Belly Button In or Out: IN but getting more shallow
Feelings: Excited and ready for him to be in my arms
Can't Wait for: The Baby shower. There will be many Family and Friends there that I haven't seen since we found out.

I would Love to hear about your Pregnancy!
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