{My Pregnancy Journey} A Company I Love!

I have been wanting to write this post for sometime now to tell you all about a company a friend shared with me. I'm absolutely in love with there Company, Products and Mission.

Its called The Honest Company

The Honest Company

*This Post Contains Affiliate links!

My Friend and her husband had been using Honest Company Bath & Body Products and 
Honest Company Cleaning Products for 2 years now and love it, She was always telling me how much she likes it. Well they just had their first baby and was telling me how they are going to be using Honest Baby Products. Well me expecting my first little one I wanted to Check it out more.

Now being over at her house I have use some of the Products before such as..

Organic Healing Balm
I love how creamy it is!

Honest Dish Soap

Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner
Love the the smell of this stuff.

After using these items at my friend's house I have have been wanting to get some but never got around to it. But now that Little man is on his way I really want to use better products around my home and once she told me they have baby Products I knew I have to look into them more.

Here is what I found:

The Company was Founded By Jessica Alba & Christopher Gavigan, They both wanted an Ideal Not only effective, but unquestionably safe, Eco-friendly, beautiful, convenient, and affordable - everyone should have products. And providing us with the best family essentials delivered right to your doorsteps.

There Products are made with safer ingredients for your entire family.

To read more about them visit Honest.com

When I visited the site I seen that they offer Free Trial* so I jumped on that and ordered.

  Honest Diaper Trial
The Honest Company

Honest Essentials Trial
The Honest Company Cleaning Products

I'm have received my product and I'm so happy with them I will be writing a review soon on each product that I use.

I can't wait until Little man gets here so I can use my baby items but once I use them I will write a review on them.

I know that for sure I will be keeping my Essentials Bundle Coming as I do really love the products. as for the Diaper Bundle I love the Feel and look of the diapers but because my Little man will not be here until March I can't really say yet because I haven't used them. But once I do you will hear all about it.

Disclosure: Yes this post has Affiliate links in it, But what I write is my true honest to goodness feeling The Honest Company is not telling me what to say. I would Not write about a product if I Didn't agree with it and I would not be a Affiliates of a product that I don't 100% love.

Please Comment below!
Have You Used The Honest Company?
What do you think of them and there products?

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  1. We love Honest and so happy to hear that another mama and her family will be using these products! When we run out of something and our bundle won't be here in time we sometimes make a run to Target, but it's more expensive at the store of course because of retails prices, if you notice the diaper patterns are limited at Target, I would recommend that you get the diaper bundle you will love it, you can also call Honest (great customer service) and request for them to split the bundle when you think your little one will need two sizes. For our showers we let people know they could purchase Honest products and that way your friends learn about the company and products too! Hope you enjoy your trail!!! Love your pregnancy journal. ps, great seeing you and your husband last Sunday!
    Always Liz

  2. I am without a doubt made to believe this blog has everything and anything for a house wife. Thanks for always sharing great posts. Keep up the great job!


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