{My Pregnancy Journey} Nurses Gift Bag!

As I prepare for my little guys arrival I have been reading many books & Blogs, And looking on Pinterest for many Ideas.
 I have been having so much fun planning and preparing for my little guy, and I can't wait for him to be here.

As I have been looking around I seen that people have been doing Gifts for the Nurses. Little bags with Chapstick, Hand Sanitizer, pen, notepad etc... or as a gift a little box of chocolate, Gift Card or some people have done a shared gift for the hole nursing staff a Box of donuts, Muffins or a gift basket full of stuff that the nurses can just take what they want.

Yes This is not a Must Do!
You do not need to do this, they will still take care of you and your little one even if you don't give them a little gift, and they don't expect it at all. I have seen on many Blogs comments like "It's their Job why do I need to give them a Gift for doing their Job!" or "Really I have way to much to do to even worry about gifts and that's expensive, there is no way I'm doing that." Yes I agree some with these comments but here is how I think.

  1. Yes Its there job. But what about a Teacher? at the end of the year many of us give them thank you gifts at the end of the year for helping our kids. Why not the Nurse that helped Bring Them Into the world.
  2. You already have so much to do! Yes we have many things to do, worried and think about when we are expecting. But really it only takes a 5 min to do this and you can do it after you get everything else done. so don't stress or worry about this just do it if you have time.
  3. Its to expensive! NO, we are not talking about going and getting a $20 Starbucks card for each nurse, or a Spa Package. We are taking small little thank you gifts. SEE BELOW FOR IDEAS.
So after talking it over with my husband we felt that this is something we really want to do.

we started searching for ideas and I like a lot of them but they were not me i wanted something different so I came up with my own Idea. I didn't want something that would Cost a lot of money and I want a Gift for each Nurse not a Group gifts.

First I needed to know how many I needed!
After looking online and asking the question to readers, The average Is 4-5. Majority say that they had 2-3 Nurses In Labor and Delivery and 1-2 after baby was born. So Total being 4-5 Gifts.

Now I called the Labor and Delivery at the Kaiser Here in my Town and they told me the average for Labor & Delivery is 2-3 Nurses and 1-2 after baby is born, However at Kaiser if you are having a Normal Healthy Pregnancy it Will be a Midwife who will deliver the baby Not a  Doctor so You might want a Gift for them as well because you see a lot more of the Midwife and they spend a lot more time with you so This would make your Total 5-6 Gifts.

I decided that I will Make 6 that way I have plenty and don't have to worry about not having one for each nurse. If I don't end up giving each one out no big deal because they will have things that I can use in them.

Here Is My Nurses Gift:

    Labor and delivery nurses gift bag
  • Body Buffing Pad
  • 1 oz Body Oil
  • Candy
  • 1 Candle
  • 2 oz Stress Relief Bath Soak (Not Pictured)
I Liked the idea of giving them something to relax and recoup from their day. This Gift cost me $5 each to make I put the Items in a Clear Party Favor bag and Tied the top with a Twisty and a little card I made that said "Thank You For Helping Bring Our Baby Into the World"

Yes you don't have to make this gift you can go more simple if you would like but i spent a Total $30. for 6 Gifts and This Me and Hubby thought was worth it. Now there are many more Ideas Out there that are cheaper so don't just Write It off yet.

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Please Comment Below!
Will you be doing Gifts?
What was/is Your Gift?
How much did you spend?
What do you think of giving Gifts to Nurses? 

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