{Cleaning} Keeping the Air in Your Home Clean

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Do you ever walk into your home to a musty smell? Does the air feel damp and stale? Can you smell it each time you enter a room? Or, can you see the air thick with dust particles every time the sun shines in? It’s normal to have a little dust and for your homes to get a bit musty from time to time, especially during winter and hot summers when we don’t open the windows so often. But, it can become a problem. The air in your home can easily become unhealthy and filled with pollutants. We spend a lot of time in our houses, so this air can lead to the growth of mold, illnesses, damp and other issues. Here are some great ways to keep the air in your house clean and pure.
Air Conditioning
There are many advantages to having air conditioning in your home. It can keep you cool and comfortable in the summer, as well as reducing humidity and keeping the air in your home moving. Air conditioners filter and circulate air, this helps to remove pollutants and harsh chemical particles. But, for your air conditioning system to be able to do this effectively, you need to make sure you regularly clean and replace the filters.

I love these reusable air filters. You simply hose them off wait for them to dry and done.
Houseplants are having a bit of a resurgence at the moment and can be very trendy if used well in your d├ęcor. They look great and can help to keep the air clean. They do this by removing toxins and improving the quality of the air. This is especially useful if you your home is poorly ventilated and often damp.

Some of the best houseplants when it comes to improving the quality of the air in your home are the Lady Palm, Butterfly Palm, the Rubber Tree, Chrysanthemums, Peace Lily’s, English Ivy and Chinese Evergreen. Most of these are relatively easy to look after and have the added advantage of helping to improve your mood.

The air is generally cleaner in your home over the months when the weather's nice and your windows can be open, even though outdoor air is also filled with pollutants. So, during winter time, try to open your windows as often as you can to increase ventilation and get air moving. I like to open my bedroom windows as soon as I wake up to air out the room, then I close them once I'm done getting dressed and have made the bed.

When you are drying washing inside, use an extractor fan, or a dehumidifier to help dry them faster and keep the air from getting too damp. A trickle vent can also be a good idea, as they let a little outdoor air in while filtering and cleaning it.

Think About What You Use
If you use harsh cleaning products and detergents, your home will be filled with them. They get into the air even with minimal use. If you want the air in your home to be clean and pure, think about what you are using. Stick to natural, environmentally friendly products which are kind to your skin, lungs and the world around you.

Keeping the air in your home can improve your sleep, help to keep your skin soft and your breathing even and even help your home to stay clean and bright. It’s certainly worth doing.

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