{Cleaning & Organizing} Why A Simple Spruce Could Be More Effective Than A Full Renovation

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When you’re not in love with your house, you can often think that you need to do a full renovation in order to change that. You may feel as if your home just will never be perfect unless it’s completely redone. Or maybe you’re even getting your home ready to sell and you think you have to really renovate it to get a good price? Either way, you may be surprised (and glad) to hear that you may not have to go to such extreme (and expensive) lengths. Sometimes, a simple spruce will do. Instead of ripping out an entire room and starting again. You may benefit from simply changing a few bits and pieces and still get incredible results. And here’s why.

1. A Clean Up Can Go A Long Way
So first of all, you should recognize that a simple tidy up and a good old-fashioned clean can really go a long way. Maybe the space in question just need a little TLC? You’d be surprised by the effects tile and grout repair can have. Or how much of a difference a good decluttering session can make to your bedroom. So always start off with a good clean and work out where to go from there.

2. A Lick Of Paint Can Make A Huge Change
Sometimes, we think that we need to change absolutely everything about a space for it to be how we want it to. But that’s not always the case. Maybe you just need a new lick of paint? Simply painting a room in a new color, or freshening up the paint that’s already there, can work wonders. So do this before you invest too much.

3. New Furniture Can Make A Space Brand New
As a step on from that, maybe it’s not the room or the overall decor itself, but what’s in the room. Maybe your tired, old furniture is the problem? Think about sprucing up what you have or investing in new furniture and see what kind of effect this can have on how the space looks. Sometimes, it can feel like a brand new place!

4. Simple Spruces Save Money
Something that makes sense to a lot of us, is that spruces save money. So if you want to save money on your house renovation, don’t be too drastic. Instead, think about the smaller and simpler changes you can work on that are just as impactful.

5. Focusing On What You Want To Change Matters The Most
And lastly, it’s so important to realize that actually, you may not even need to redo the entire space. Okay, so if you move into a place that is really gross and had moldy old fittings and fixtures, entirely renovating the room is probably the best option. But maybe your kitchen just look a little tired? Well, sprucing the kitchen cabinets could make it feel like you have an entire new kitchen. So instead of thinking you need to redo everything, just think about what you really want to change, change that, and enjoy how much better the space can look and feel.

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