{Contributed Post} A Stress-Free Guide To Moving Home

According to a considerable amount of research, the average person finds moving home more stressful than getting divorced. That’s an astonishing statement to make, and if it weren’t for the evidence, surely no one would believe it. No one, that is, that hasn’t experienced an incredibly stressful move.

The sad truth is that because of the complexities of buying, selling and moving from your home, the pressure builds up to extraordinary amounts. However, whether you are flat-hunting, looking for a new family home, or just moving to another area altogether, there are a few things you can do to reduce the stress to bearable levels. Let’s take a look.
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Buy and sell for cash.
The traditional route of buying and selling a house usually involves a chain of buyers and sellers, and it is incredibly stressful. That chain could break down at any time, leaving you in the lurch - and possibly out of pocket. So, consider buying with cash rather than waiting for a mortgage approval - you will instantly become a more attractive prospect, and may even get a discount. According to this page, you can sell your home for a cash payment, too. If that gives you the money to clear your debts and buy somewhere else, it might increase the speed of your move and reduce your stress levels by a considerable amount.
Plan your move to perfection
Another stressful part of moving home can easily be removed with a lot of planning. Packing for the big day is extraordinarily painful - all your possessions put away in boxes and labeled. It’s a nightmare, but one that can be overcome by doing little bits at a time. STart from the top of your house and work your way down, focusing on the things that you rarely use first. Label every box to help you once you get to the other side, as it will save you heaps of time. And finally, keep all of your important documents - like birth certificates, passports, etc. - in a separate box so that you can access them immediately when needed.
Get help
Finally, why not ask for some help? So many families go through all this pain alone, when there is no need. Get friends and broader family over to help you pack all your things away - perhaps tempt them with some pizza and make a day of it. The cleaning duties can be shared, too, and if your neighbors ask if they can help - let them! You should also be wary of your children’s emotions on the day, too. Moving home can be a disruptive time for them, and it should be no surprise if they have a few meltdowns. You can ease things for everyone by arranging for your little ones to be looked after by grandma or a friend. Hopefully, by the time they come back, you will have their new rooms ready, and they won’t feel quite so bemused by their new surroundings!

Hopefully, these ideas should remove some of the stresses and strains of moving house - why not share some of yours in the comments below?

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