Preschooling at Home

 If you follow this blog you know that I have always done scheduled activities with my son daily, we called this Tot School. We always had a curriculum I would work up for the month and had a scheduled time each day to do our Tot School. We both really loved it and I loved my learning time with Ezra.

 I started to think about how preschool was one year away. I was debating on putting him in a preschool or just doing our own at home. My plan has always been to Homeschool Ezra Though a amazing charter program we have here locally, But I never really thought much about preschool. Hubby and I thought long and hard about it and decided that we would try Preschool a year early at home and depending on how that went we would decided what we would do for next year.

 So we started Preschool a year early when he was 2 years old. We did our home preschool in a structured way, Ezra very easily learned what times were for what and what activities would come next, he was learning a lot and we were very much enjoying our time together.

 After a great year this lead Hubby and I to deciding to go ahead and do this years preschool at home as well. So we are very happy that we are starting our second year of preschool. Actually we are already a couple weeks into our school year, and it's going very well.

 I've had some people ask me if I'm at all concerned with Ezra not developing social skills, But I'm really not conquered about it because I make sure that Ezra gets plenty of play dates, and we go to a lot of store times and other activities that there are a lot of other kids and social interaction with others. We are also part of a Homeschool group this year that plans meetups and field trips together.

 After a Poll on our Facebook page I found out that many of you said you would like to hear more about our Preschool Journey so I'm happy to Announce that I will be posting from time to time about it.
If you want to follow our Preschool Journey more closely then check out the blog Mr.Ezra James
I will also be posting a lot of our daily activities on our Preschool Instagram page so make sure to follow us @Mr.EzraJames

Do you do preschool at home?
Are you a homeschooling mama?
I would love to hear from you so please comment below.

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