{Cleaning} 4 Tips To Help Clean Spillages In Your Home

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All housewives can agree that spillages are probably the worst thing to clean in the home. When you have small kids, then you probably end up with a handful of spills every week. Plus, add in some random acts of clumsiness on the adults' behalf, and you run the risk of a home that’s overrun by spillage stains!
The good news is, there are ways you can make it much easier to clean up spills in your home.

Get in there right away
The worst thing you can do is leave a spillage sitting there for many minutes on end. When you do this, then it normally ingrains itself into the surface and causes permanent stains. Or, it will cause a stain that’s far harder to get rid of. To prevent this, you should get in there right away and clean up the spill as soon as you notice it. There’s no time to waste, soak it up immediately to prevent severe stainage!

Switch to more water-resistant flooring
Spilling things on carpets is an absolute nightmare as it completely soaks up the spill and is very hard to clean. So, to make life easier for yourself, you should switch to more water-resistant flooring options. Places like Montgomerys the flooring store will sell different options that deal with water better than others. Usually, a laminate or vinyl option is the best as you can literally just wipe spills off the surface right away. There’s no danger of the spillage seeping into the flooring and leaving a stain, which helps keep your home nice and clean.

Use white wine vinegar for food stains
Often, it’s not just drinks that get spilled in your home. If you’ve ever cooked pasta for your kids, or given them anything with tomato ketchup dipping sauce, then you know the outcome resembles that of a war zone. There are usually red spillages and stains all over the table and floor, which can be very hard to get rid of. However, one cleaning hack involves using white wine vinegar and dishwashing liquid on the stains. Simply put the liquid on the stained area and then rinse it with the vinegar. It’ll smell funky, but the vinegar helps remove the stain like magic. This trick comes in handy for most food stains.

Use salt or baking soda to neutralize stubborn stains
On a similar note, both salt and baking soda can help neutralize stubborn stains and stop them from setting in. Normally, they work best with various wine spills that you may have in your home. Perhaps you hosted a party, and someone spilled some wine, or maybe you left a glass on a table, and your child knocked it over? Either way, covering the stains with salt or baking soda can help stop it from sinking into the surface that the spill is on. Then, you can pat dry and rinse away with water, and everything will be good as new.

Don’t let spillages become an issue in your home; follow these simple tips, and you’ll clean them with absolute ease from now on.


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