{HOME} What Does Your Dream Kitchen Look Like?

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Your dream kitchen - it’s the place you imagine cooking up a storm for the family meal, with all kinds of new and capable appliances making the work so much easier, with plenty of counter space you can pull a bar stool up to for a sit down and a chat. It’s the place where you can host parties with great food and drink, and plenty of space for all, and it’s the place where the kids can make a mess that’s easy to clean up.

But what does your dream kitchen look like? After all, you can’t cram all the new technology and design styles in the world into it, so what do you really want? With all that in mind, if you’re someone looking for a bit of inspiration over what features you can add into or spruce up in your kitchen, to make sure it’s looking as close to your dreams as possible, here’s a couple of ideas to follow.

Maybe it’s all shiny and chrome, maybe there’s a lot of natural wood elements - either way, there’s some work to do! (Source)

Wet or Dry Kitchen?
Depending on the layout of your house, and how heavily you like to cook, you’re going to need to decide between having a wet or dry kitchen fitted. If your kitchen is connected to the dining or living room, with open space in between, and you only tend to properly cook up a Sunday roast, a dry kitchen would be best for you. A dry kitchen is also a good option for anyone who likes to host on a regular basis, as it includes plenty of mingling areas and a heavy emphasis on seating arrangements.

On the other hand, if you like to cook, and use a lot of smelly and varied ingredients in your dishes, then you’re going to want a wet kitchen. These have a lot of extractor fans in them, as well as wet floor tiles, and some easy cleaning surfaces. Or if you have the money, you could combine these ideas, and have a wet area and a dry area! Don’t worry, when you go out to find remodeling services, the company involved can help you specifically decide on what your needs are and what’s available as a result.

Bright or Dark?
Your dream kitchen needs a color scheme, and it needs something coherent and functional at the same time. Maybe you like pale blues, maybe you like dark reds, maybe you fancy something monochrome - either way, you’ve got to take how these kinds of materials work, rather than the simple aesthetics of them.

For example, if you’re looking for handleless cabinets, and a fridge that blends in with the rest of the storage, you’re going to want brown, navy blues, and blacks, along with a lacquer finish. These help to hide the dirty fingerprints and grease from the cooking that can litter the surfaces in your kitchen.

Remember, your dream kitchen should take these ideas into account!

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