{Decluttering} Stay Or Go? The Golden Rules Of Decluttering

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When you come home from work and struggle to find a place to sit down…

When your home becomes a health and safety nightmare for you and your family…

When you simply can't find anything because you have too much stuff… You know you have too much clutter.

Decluttering will give you more space in your home. Decluttering will reduce your stress and cause you to feel happier. And decluttering will let you know where the cat has been hiding for the last twelve months.

Decluttering is a no-brainer then, but the one question you might have when sorting through your stuff is...

Does it stay or does it go?

To help you decide, follow these golden rules. Then, after sorting out your stuff, you should purchase more storage for anything you intend to keep, and for the stuff you intend to discard, you should recycle, donate to charity, and even sell - Eames for quality furniture, and Amazon or eBay for anything else that might net you a little cash.

The Golden Rules of Decluttering

1. If you haven't used something in over a year, then get rid of it.
Because ask yourself - are you ever going to use it? Seasonal items are an exception, but anything else? If it has been sitting dormant for a long time, is it really worth keeping? Probably not, so have a think, and if you know you are unlikely to ever use it, think about putting it in the 'discard' pile.

2. Don't keep something out of guilt.
It might be that teapot your great aunt bought you as a housewarming present. Or it could be something you received as a Christmas present one year. Whatever it is, if you are only keeping it because you think you 'should,' then question yourself. Do you like the item? If so, fine, keep it! If not, don't keep it because you might feel guilty after discarding it. If it's filling up space in your house but not in your heart, let go of the item, or send it to the attic where it will cause less clutter.

3. Double the item is double the mess.
Do you really need two of the same item? The only exceptions are those pieces that are supposed to come as a pair, but anything else? If it doesn't make sense to have a duplicate of the same thing, then you really don't need to have it in your house. Instead of doubling up on your clutter, double your income by selling it online.

4. Don't keep something because you might need it one day.
If something has been sat for a long time unused, but it's there because you 'might' need to use it one day, then ask yourself the question. Are you ever going to use it? If you haven't used it thus far, then you are probably never going to use it. Of course, the cruel law of nature is that once getting rid of it, you might suddenly need to make use of the item at last, so what do we know? Still, you might be able to stick it in the attic with those other things you are unsure about, as you will create a little more space in the rest of your house.

We hope this has been helpful to you. We hope you now have something to help you think about the decluttering process. And we hope that your home finally becomes free of the stuff that you probably didn't need in the first place. Let us know what you think, and if you live by decluttering rules of your own, feel free to pass them onto us. Thanks for reading!

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