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Hi I'm Shane, the writer of Becoming The Ultimate Housewife. I have been happily married 8+ Years. I got married at 17, To my Best Friend Travis. 

In 2015 we welcomed our baby boy Ezra, and oh boy did he change our world.  

I love blogging and sharing what had helped me keep on top of my household. This blog is to help inspire and motivate you to have a clean, clutter free, organized home and Stress less household.

I started Becoming The Ultimate Housewife Blog in 2011 because I wanted to share my recipes and Tips and ideas oh how I keep my home organized, clean and running smoothly. to share the routines that have helped me keep on top of things. Everything I have here is to help give ideas for you to take and adapt them to suit your family. 

I'm not saying I'm a Ultimate Housewife that's why it says Becoming, I'm trying to Become the Housewife my family needs  and each family's needs are different. I am not saying I'm a expert because I'm not, I'm just a wife and mother sharing what I know and what i'm Learning along the way of this amazing journey.

So No I'm not saying I'm the best or that I'm the ultimate housewife. But I try my best and put my heart into everything I do.

 On my Blog you can find how I became better at being a work-at-home-mom, a wife and best friend.

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