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Becoming The Ultimate Housewife is a place I use to Give Tips and Ideas to keep your household clean, Tidy and Organised. I also share a lot of Travel and Health Tips. I would Love to Readers and Bloggers Publish Guest post from time to time, as a way of showing how others do and view thing, as my ways might not be the best way for everyone.  Or if you just have an idea that you might want to share with others.

If you are interested in guest posting please continue reading for guidelines and details on what to email me.

Topics may Include but not limited to:
  • ·         Organising
  • ·         Recipes
  • ·         Cleaning
  • ·         Lunchbox Ideas
  • ·         Tips
  • ·         Crafts
  • ·         Homeschooling
  • ·         Parenting
  • ·         Home and Garden
  • ·         Marriage
  • ·         Travel

Guidelines on being a guest
  • ·         You do not have to be a blogger to be a guest, any reader is welcome.
  • ·         Please email a basic idea of your guest post using the form below, full submission not required at this stage
  • ·         Not all guest post will be accepted, it just depends on what we have going on that week/month and if I feel it will work for the blog. Please Don't be offended if this happens.
  • ·         At least one photo needs to be included with the Guest Post
  • ·         If you have a Website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram Account Links may be included in the post.
  • ·         Guest Post are Unpaid

Email You Info and Idea to :

Make sure to put in the Subject line of the email "GUEST POST IDEA"

I will reply to your email to notify you if there is a interest or not. If there is a Interest I will Request the full guest post article.

Thank you for your interest in Guest Posting on Becoming The Ultimate Housewife

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