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Q: Do you Host Giveaways?
A: Yes. Becoming the Ultimate Housewife will host giveaways from brands, companies or even Craft Makers who want to get an Item out there, that are relevant to the blogs readership and style.  You do not have to be a sponsor to host a giveaway.

Q: If Mailed an Item will You Review it? 
A: Yes. Becoming the Ultimate Housewife accepts products for review, as long as the products are relevant and go with the flow of this blog. We will give an honest review of the product, And Email you a Copy of the Review before It gets Published. We reserve the right to reject any product for review.

Q: Do you Guest post for other Blogs?
A: Yes. We love being asked to Guest Post.

Q: Do you Let Other Guest post On Your Blog?
A: Yes. We Love adding new things and people to the mix.

Q: Will You Swap Buttons?
A:Yes We Do.  Please go ahead and Grab Our Button and Post it to you Blog and then Send us a Email and let us know you have done so and that you wish us to do the same. then we will post your Button within 2-3 days. Thank you. I love Buttons, and Button sharing is even better. 

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