No More Clutter

We all want to have a clean and efficient home. But you can't have a clean home if you have clutter every were. When you have clutter every were your home dose not look clean, even if you have spent hours cleaning.

1.) First you need to know what clutter is:
Check all that apply:

- when greeting visitors you fined yourself saying "Excuse the mess', I have had no time."

- The entryway of your home is cluttered with Shoes, Bags, hat and anything else that fell out of someone's arms.

- all trash Bins are full or almost overflowing.

- The dining table has so much stuff on it it can't even be used with out moving something.

- All your drawers are so full that they pop open like a jack in the box when they're opened.

- Hobby stuff and hobby equipment is sitting out or tucked in corners or on the side of the sofa.

- There are more than 4 garments in you closet that you haven't worn in the last two years.

- The kitchen counter is covered with 'stuff' including decor, mixer, blended, coffee maker etc...

- The bathroom had stuff all over the counter, toys in the tub, the bathtub has more then 3 bottles of stuff.

- The beds and Chairs are covered with discarded clothes, books, magazines etc...

If u have checked 2 or more of these boxes, your home is Screaming for help. It's Time to clean the clutter!!!

2.) When starting to clean out clutter don't do to much at once or you will get overwhelmed, or might not have time to finish, then you will have a bigger mess on your hands.

Look at ur room and see what needs to be there and what dose not.

Have 3 bags with you one for Charity, one for stuff to Sell and one for Trash.

The Kitchen

  • Clean one cabinet or drawer at a time

  • Start with the food cabinets, throw away any food that needs to be. Store dry goods in tins or jars, something that can easily be stacked.

The Living Room

Make the Living Room a place where you can relax with family and friends. make it cosy and inviting!

  • Don't have Towers of Books, Magazines and Junk Mail piled in the Living Room.
  • Add some throw Blanket and when i mean some i mean some like 2 or 3 not 10 and a throw Blanket is small its not the size of a bed! so if you have this size or more then 3 time to clean out!

The Bedroom
The Bedroom should be a Relaxed and Beautiful Sanctuary. Not a Trash and Laundry Dump!

  • Tidy up your Closet and clean out what is not use and what you will never use!
  • Tidy up all your Drawers and get rid of everything you don't need.
The Bathroom
A bathroom should feel and be clean and neat!

  • Go through the cabinets and any shelves removing any old products that you never use.
  • clean out the toys. you don't need that many toys in the bath tub 3- 4 is good
Do you have any Tip?
How do you Clean The Clutter?
Comment Below!

Do You have a Clutter Clean Out Story? If so I would Love to Hear it, and maybe even share it! Contact me:


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