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If you follow my Twitter or Facebook You will see lots of post from The IBotta App! as you can see i love
this App. and its so easy to use! If you don't have it, I Highly recommend it!
get it Here

What is the App? 
Its a App that you can earn Money for Using.
Its a Fun and easy way to earn $20 or more each time you go shopping. the more you use it, the better and more personalized your offers become.

It works in Multiple stores. Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and more, and new stores are being added all the time.
You will get Your money within hours of taking a photo of your receipt.
Earnings can be Transferred securely to your PayPal account or to any school in america with the click of a button.
It's personalized. every time you redeem an offer, they send a new one. Tell them your likes and Dislikes and they will send you a personalized offers.

Me Using IBotta!
Below is a step by step on how to use IBotta App. 
Sorry that the Photos are not that pretty, like i said this is from my phone, me doing it.

I like to do this before I go to the store, so I can add it to my List if i wish.

Step #1 Fined the App and Open it!

Step #2 Pick a Item

Step #3 Pick your money
When you pick your item and it opens up you will see 2-3 Options on what you can earn you can do 1 or do them all and earn more its up to you, you just have to do what it tells you to do. I always do them all.

Step #4 Earn!
Once you do this you will see the money add up on the left bottom side of the App and it will say Pending.

Step #5 Time to go shopping

Step #6 Time to Redeem 
Open your App click Redeem on the bottom right.

Step #7 Pick your store

Step #8 Take a photo of your receipts
*this photo is an example
See using this App is so easy and so worth it! you must try it!
Click Here To get the App!

*Note I'm Only Posting about the IBotta App because I Truly Love it. This is not an Advertisement for Ibotta App.

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Sorry to all!
Life has been a little crazy, with lots of family stuff, and a passing of my hubby's grammy;(
We are doing ok. Had lot of good family and friend around us this last week:)

There has just been no time to post. I'm very sorry for how long it has taken. But a new post is up. "Cleaning: The Bedroom"

hope you enjoy!

Please let me know what you think or if you have any tips or tricks feel free to share.
And if you are a housewife I would live to tell your story! Please comment or email me! At: contactus@ultimatehousewife.com

Cleaning: The Bedroom

We all hate make our bed. But the room looks so nice when we do. But here our some tips for making the bed!

As soon as your out of bed Fold down your Blankets to the foot of the bed. this will give your sheets Air flow and help keep your bed from stinking and will kill more germs.

It also helps to open the Windows and let Fresh Air in, and Open your Blinds to let sun light in.
Fresh air will help air out your room and help fight the bad odors rooms can get and can also fight the germs.
The sunlight will do the same kill germs and fight Odor!

Do all 3 of these and you got one big germ and Odor killing Monster.

If you want you can even Sprits your sheets with a yummy smelling spray that has sanitizer in it. ( if you do this you must keep the sheets open for long to make sure they dry fully before making the bed!

Also check to make sure what you use will not make you brake out, last you need is zits all over you face and body.)

What I do:
In the morning after my husband gets out of bed (he always gets up after me).
I Fold down all the sheets to the foot of the bed. Then I open the Blind & Window in the bedroom let that sunny, airy, odor fighting, Germ killing stuff in!

Then I pick up any stuff left out or on the floor pants, shoes etc... And put it all away.

I put the glass of water in the sink And so on.
Once the room is all picked up I will make the bed.
Once the bed is made I will close the Window & Blind but leaving the Blind so that light can still shine in.

Once I'm all done I will sprits the room with my Homemade all natural room spray. Recipe coming soon to blog.

And there you have it a nice clean, sunny good smelling, bed made room! Now enjoy it!

Do you have any tips?
How do you clean your room?
How do you keep it smelling fresh?

Please comment below!

Are you a housewife I would like to tell your story please comment below or email me at: contactus@ultimatehousewife.com

Storage Solutions

Everyone needs more storage! I know that one of my biggest problems.

There are so many kinds of storage boxes, drawers, baskets, hanging carriers and so much more...

But we're do u start? What's going to work for u? What's going to help u?

First think about the item your going to use for storage, is it going to cause you more work, dusting, sorting etc...

Tip: If you use boxes for storage make sure you label them.

Places for storage:

  • Look for areas in your home where you cold put extra shelves.
  • Space under your stairs.

  • Under the bed.

  • Store items as near as possible to the places they are used.

The kitchen:

  • Use the backs of kitchen cabinet doors by putting racks on them to store spices, saucepan lids, foil, bags, etc...
  • If you can wall mount your microwave to free up counter space.
  • Get plastic tiered shelving in the cabinets where you store tins. This way you can see more.
  • Get carousels fitted in the corner cabinets to make maximum use of the. Hard to reach spaces.

The Living Room

  • A wooden trunk or ottoman can double as a coffee table.
  • Hang small bookcases or shelves on the wall to free up floor space.
  • Hang speakers on the wall, instead of standing them on the floor or setting them on tables. It will make the room fell less cluttered and junkie! 

The Bathroom

  • Use wall space by putting up shelf's.
  • Stick a magnet inside cabinets to hold small items like tweezers, scissors and safety pins.

The Bedroom

  • An ottoman or blanket box with cushions on top provides storage space and a seat.
  • Use under the bed storage boxes.

Child's Room

  • Shelves with basket is good for toys.

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