Storage Solutions

Everyone needs more storage! I know that one of my biggest problems.

There are so many kinds of storage boxes, drawers, baskets, hanging carriers and so much more...

But we're do u start? What's going to work for u? What's going to help u?

First think about the item your going to use for storage, is it going to cause you more work, dusting, sorting etc...

Tip: If you use boxes for storage make sure you label them.

Places for storage:

  • Look for areas in your home where you cold put extra shelves.
  • Space under your stairs.

  • Under the bed.

  • Store items as near as possible to the places they are used.

The kitchen:

  • Use the backs of kitchen cabinet doors by putting racks on them to store spices, saucepan lids, foil, bags, etc...
  • If you can wall mount your microwave to free up counter space.
  • Get plastic tiered shelving in the cabinets where you store tins. This way you can see more.
  • Get carousels fitted in the corner cabinets to make maximum use of the. Hard to reach spaces.

The Living Room

  • A wooden trunk or ottoman can double as a coffee table.
  • Hang small bookcases or shelves on the wall to free up floor space.
  • Hang speakers on the wall, instead of standing them on the floor or setting them on tables. It will make the room fell less cluttered and junkie! 

The Bathroom

  • Use wall space by putting up shelf's.
  • Stick a magnet inside cabinets to hold small items like tweezers, scissors and safety pins.

The Bedroom

  • An ottoman or blanket box with cushions on top provides storage space and a seat.
  • Use under the bed storage boxes.

Child's Room

  • Shelves with basket is good for toys.

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