After a Long day...

After a long day of Cleaning and running around getting Some Coupon Deals I found.
I found my self driving by Yogurt Mill a Yogurt shop that is very liked in my town. My friends have been raving about this new Yogurt that Taste super yummy and that I have to try it well it's been 2 months now and I haven't.

So as I drove by I told myself if the
Drive-tru don't have a lot of people I'm going to go.

Well what do you know one car, Now I have to stop...

So here it is the thing my friends rave about and tell me I must try it...

What's the flavor? Half Chocolate Half Salted Caramel !!!!! Oh WOW now I know why my friends were telling me I had to try it it's so yummy... It's the Perfect blend.

Now That the House is all Clean and I'm Home for the day i'm going to sit and relax with this Yummy goodness!

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