Making a House a Home

You want to be able to call your house a Home. You can in 12 easy ways, and you don't need lots of money to do it.

1 Put some books around.

“Books are not made for furniture, but there is nothing else that so beautifully furnishes a house,” said Henry Ward Beecher. Your books say something about who you are. Find excuses to exhibit them in every room. like on a light stand etc...

2 Get the junk Out.
There is no need to have junk around the inside or outside of a house, so get it out of there!

3 Show off your Photos.
Photographs tell the story of your family. Don’t just feature the professional ones. Buy some cheap frames and insert photos from your most recent vacation.

4 Clean it out.
Have Boxes sitting around do you even know What’s in them? Who knows? then get them out of there no need to have them if you have not used something for 6 months to a year you need to get it gone!

5 Pick it up.
A home should look reasonably clean at all times, so pick it up daily.

6 hang some art.
You don't have to make, or want your home to look like an art gallery! you are hanging art that means something to you. 

7 Paint a room.
Paint is the least-expensive way to renovate a home. If you’re stumped as to color, look at photos and fined things you like. earth tones are always nice. dark colors can make a room feel smaller so keep that in mined.

8 Hide the technology.
You don’t live in "Best Buy". Only techno geeks will be impressed to see your multiple remotes and little white wires. and oh boy the Dvd's and Wii etc .. Fined ways to hide them. I like to get the Box's that look like books, I have one on my coffee table and all my remotes go in that. and for my Dvd's i have them all in a Binder case in a closed cabinet. 

9 Freshen your windows.
New window treatments make a big difference and don’t have to cost big money. Blinds or drapes finish the look of a house.

10 Make it smell good. 
It doesn't have to be fancy, Slice-and-bake cookies are wonderful. So is chicken in a crock-pot. or some boiled cinnamon sticks. 

I have a Glade sensor Puff next to my front door in a spot nobody can see very well but were the sensor can see good, that way as people walk in it will go off and my guest will smell its yummy goodness. (i like to change it with the season Summer: Fresh linen, Fall: Pumpkin Spice, Winter: Ginger & Cinnamon, Spring: Blossom's   

Note: Do Keep in mined where you will be using it, You don't want you bathroom smelling like Donuts or apple pie, Gross! 

Don'ts: Use Plug-Ins they are really not good and can make some people and animals sick. People with asthma have a very hard time when them. 
( I use to use them all the time, I personally didn't get sick with them. But the more and more guest I had coming over they would, so I would have to unplug them. its just better to get something else.) 

11 Have an open-door.
Lived-in homes have people over. Make people know and feel like they can stop by anytime.

12 Keep snacks handy. 
If someone dropped by unexpectedly, could you find a cookie to serve with coffee? Would you have something in the pantry or freezer that you could serve? Planning for hospitality turns rooms into sanctuaries.

The whole Idea is to personalize the Space in which you Live. But with out making it Cluttered. So whether you just moved or are sprucing up what you already own, Put a little of yourself into the mix.

My Favorite Decor Item!
My Favorite Decor Item in my home, is This...
Its From my Grammy and my Papa They took Photos of my dad on this and I even have some of the Photos. My dad tells me of times when My Papa used it, what good Memories they have snapped with this camera. My Papa Passed away when I was 3 and my Grammy in 2008.:(

these Kind of decor Items are very nice to have around the Home they look good, good memories and can start up a good story!

What's your Favorite Decor Item?
What Favorite Memories Peace do you have in your home?
I would love to Here please Comment below or email at:

What tip's to you have to make a house a home?
Please share!

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