On This Day... 5 Years Ago

On This Day...
May, 10, 2008 5 years Ago...
I Married The Man of My Dreams!

After Many years of being Around each other, 1 years Of being good Friends to slowly Turning into Best Friends for another year.
Then... to Dating for 1 year and being engaged for 1 year the day had finely come The Big Day! The Day I would Become Mrs. Barnett. 

The Day was Finely Here...
We had a morning wedding. 
I started my morning at 3:am Taking a Bubble Bath and having Tea...
5:AM I got my hair done, and the it was off to were there wedding was to be held and were i would finish getting Dressed witch was 45 min away.
When we arrived we had music playing and drinks waiting in the room I would dress in.
Everything with the Wedding when Smoothly. Everything went as Planed... i was very happy about that
also because it was a out door wedding and it rained the hole week before.
Here are some Photos from Are Big Day...

Trav's To cousins The Best-Man & Groom's men 
Trav & I
A Photo of us When he asked me to be his wife there for our guests to sign. 
Our Photo for Our Guest to Sign
My Daddy's and My Dance

A Group Photo of His & My Family they Zoomed In on us...
Us Kissing

My Family, Dad, Mom, Me, Trav, Sister Det'a, Brother-in-law Brandon
& there Kids Tanner & Brooklyn

My Beautiful Mother-in Law Sherry

Our First Kiss As Husband & Wife

Trav & His Best Man



My Sister, Me & My Cousin
My Sister, Me & My Cousin   

Trav & His Men

My Sister & Her Hubby


Our First Dance

Our First Dance


Trav's Grammy
Trav's Dad



Trav's Mom and Her Daddy!

I Wanted to do My own Make up For My wedding.
My Hubby and His Best-Man

Marring This Man Is The Best This I Could OF Ever Done I love Him Will All My Heart And I look Forward To Many More Years As Mrs. Barnett. Thanks For Letting be share my Look Back! 

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