Get Fit Get Healthy Week 3

I'm so Happy I have Made it to week 3 and still moving forward. 
If you have got to week 3 I want to say "Way to go"!
 If your just starting Then Enjoy and have fun!

Here is Just a Reminder and For You Who are New, What you need to do:

1.) If you haven't yet, Join The Challenge Here: Get Fit Get Healthy "Starting"
2.) Ever Monday come back to Becoming the Ultimate Housewife to read the tips on how to Get Fit, Healthy and Feel more Sexy and Confident.
3.) Weekly Write a post or email me about your progress, following the Goal chart below, and link up with us.
4.) Don't forget to grab the Get Fit Get Healthy button on the Sidebar and display it on your blog or on you update post.

Ok so this week we are Going to Keep everything the same!
We are not going to change a thing! Well Maybe one little thing... How Many Day we Log In on My Fitness Pal Let Make it a Goal to Get our Total up to 22 days. If your Just Starting with My fitness pal make it your Goal to log for 7 days strait. and don't forget to Friend me on there. add me Click Here

There is one Very Important Thing I want to talk about today! something we all do and have a hard time with.
It's Eating Out or Cooking at Home

One of the best ways to lose some weight, cut down on calories and eat healthier. what helps us do this? not going out to restaurants and eat all your meals exclusively at home.

 When I started packing Packed Lunches for my Hubby he lost 5 lb in one week. and its not like i was packing healthy lunches i was making him sandwiches on white bread, chips, candy bar, soda and what ever else he wold maybe what. see something Home vs Eating out is better.

Now I know it might not be realistic for some who aren't self employed or stay-at-home moms, however you can Still help.

I suggest that whenever you have an urge to go eat out, go online very easy with a smartphone or using My Fitness Pal Find a The Dishes you would like ahead of time and find out How many Calories they are and pick something with the least.

Keep in mind even seemingly healthy options have tons of fat and calories. 

Here are some tips for when you do eat out: 
  • Pick something small or if its a large dish as soon as you get your food ask for a box and before you start eating half your meal and put half in the box this will stop you from stuffing yourself. 
  •  pick Veggies as your side.
  • ask for dressing or sauce on the side, when using the instead of poring over the top of your food dip your fork in it the put your food on the fork this will keep you from using as much.
another way to avoid eating a lot of calories is to order anything vegan.

Now if you are able to avoid restaurants all together your doing very well. (for me and my hubby this is very hard to do so i just use the tips from above.) cooking meals at home, and not just snacking on whatever is available, is one of the easiest ways of controlling your portions and calories. 

When Cooking at home Try to Follow the USDA Guidelines: 
  • 6-11 servings of whole grains
  • 2-4 servings of fruits
  • 3-5 servings of vegetables
  • 2-3 servings of proteins
  • 2-3 servings of non-far diary
Also keep in mind that you need to reduce the amount slightly if you're trying to lose weight.

I hope this Helps You.

This weeks Photo Take a Photo With some one you Love, Hubby, Kids, Pet, Best friend you get the idea.

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