Get Fit Get Healthy Check-in Week 1

                                          Wow it's been a week.

I have had a lot going on this week, and did have a lot of ups and downs with my Goal's, But i keep pushing on.

I found this week to be a very fun one, I hope you all enjoyed it as well.

OK, so here is how i did.
1.) Your Weight & Height: 142 lb/ 5 4"
2.) Your Fitness challenge(s) for the week: Squats each day and adding 5 more every day.
3.) Your Food Challenge(s) for the week: Juicing, Replacing 2 of my meals a day.
4.) How well did it go: I did OK, i didn't do my best. with the juicing i did good i at least Replaced my meal 1 time a day. didn't get my 2 a day but at least got 1. with my squats i got them in and added my 5 every day.
I'm down 2 lb! so i'm happy with that. i'm also down 3".
5.) Failures and slip-ups: had lots of soft drinks this week and had way to much junk food :(
6.) Weekly challenge wisdom: the healthier i eat the better i feel
7.) Advice to fellow Followers: Just do your best!
8.) Your self-portrait: 

Now Share with me How you did!
Link to this or Email me at:

Here is the Fill out Info you can just copy and past it from here.

1.) Your Weight & Height:
2.) Your Fitness Challenge(s):
3.) Your Food Challenge(s):
4.) How well did it go:
5.) Failures and slip-ups:
6.)weekly challenge wisdom:
7.) advice to fellow followers:
8.) Your self Portrait:

Remember all Is Optional!
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