Get Fit Get Healthy Week 4

Here is Just a Reminder and For You Who are New, What you need to do:

1.) If you haven't yet, Join The Challenge Here: Get Fit Get Healthy "Starting"
2.) Ever Monday come back to Becoming the Ultimate Housewife to read the tips on how to Get Fit, Healthy and Feel more Sexy and Confident.
3.) Weekly Write a post or email me about your progress, following the Goal chart below, and link up with us.
4.) Don't forget to grab the Get Fit Get Healthy button on the Sidebar and display it on your blog or on you update post.

Good Morning everyone.
Life has Been Crazy,
With Family Visiting, Hosting 2 party's at my home one on Friday and one on Saturday. 
I have had No Time to Put up Week 4 Of the "Get Fit Get Healthy." so I'm a Little Late.
I'm so sorry to all my Readers.

I don't Know about you but i'm loving doing the juicing! I feel so good doing it.

So this week Try and have 2 Juice's a day as a meal. 
Lets Bring it on. We can Do It!

Also for your work out Walk Walk WALK...
add more time and more distance to your walk.

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