Get Fit Get Healthy Week 8

Week 8 is already here!
It's hard to believe we have been at this for 2 months.

I'm feeling so good! How about you?

This week we or going to keep our plan the same as last week,
but, if you feel like you could use more work outs, go ahead and add a day.  

Haven't joined us yet? Here you go!
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This week, I would like to give 10 tips on making juicing life easier!
That's a word we like to hear, EASIER!
These tips and tricks will help make juicing a fun smooth process for you.
These are all of things I do to help me and my Hubby.
Let me know if you have any to add to the list.

So here we go, 10 Juicing tips:
1. Make a Grocery list: Its so hard to juice when you don't plan your meals.  If you go to the store and just buy what ever looks good, chances are, you are going to spend to much money and not have everything you need. That might just make you stop all together. So before making a trip to the store make a meal plan and a grocery list so you know exactly how many fruits and vegetables to purchase. Don't forget to look around and see what you already have on hand.

2. Saving time: Prepare your fruits and veggies the night before if you plan on making a morning juice. Wash all of the produce and then place them in a storage container in the fridge.

3. Line your pulp basket: If you have a juicer that has a pulp basket, line it with a plastic bag for easy clean up.

4. Juice in a cup: Juice strait into a cup or mason jar. This will help with clean up.

(Tip From Reader)
5. Cut or tear produce to fit through the juicer: Cut any produce that might be to large to fit through the juicer whole. Once you start cutting vegetables they begin to lose nutrients so it's best to cut just before juicing. If you really need to save on time, though, you many want to add this step to your night before or weekly preparation.

6. Re-juice your pulp: Once produce has been passed through the juicer, check to see if your pulp is damp. If so, pass it back through your juicer and you'll be able to get more juice from it. 
You can do this with the pulp if you're making burgers. Use the pulp from carrots in the meat. It makes them bigger and it taste yummy. You can also add a little if you are making bread or muffins!

7. Storing juice: If stored properly, juice can last up to 2 days max but remember that there are no preservatives in fresh juice so it can go bad quickly. Juice will keep for 24-48 hours in the fridge (72 hours is maximum time suggested, but I like to stay in the 24 rule). If you are traveling, bring your juice in a cooler. Store your juice in an airtight container, preferably glass, but BPA free plastic works too.

8. Freezing: Freezing is also an option but less desirable than refrigeration. If you freeze your juice, do it immediately after juicing. Thaw in the refrigerator. Juice will last up to 7-10 days in the freezer.

9. Cleaning your Juicer: Carefully scrub your machine with warm water and soap and place on a drying mat. Check the owner's manual to see if your juicer is dishwasher safe. This will be even easier.

10. Storing Environment: Your juice should be stored in a dark, cool environment away from heat and light.

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