Evening Routine

As I said in my earlier post about my Morning Routine that when I started trying to be a better housewife I was having a hard time getting everything done, as soon as I would clean something it was messy again.  

So I made myself a morning routine and an evening routine. It took some time for me to get them down and to make them a habit, and I found I needed to adjusting it as I went, tell I found what worked for me. and still to this day I change it a little from time to time. Hey life changes so, so do our routines.

Here is my Evening Routine

5:20pm Put a load in the wash (I have a laundry routine I follow to the T and now my hubby never says, "I'm out of underwear!").
5:25pm Start making dinner
6:00pm Serve dinner.  Eat as a family at the dinner table.
6:25pm Put wash load in the dryer or on the line.
6:30pm Make lunches for the next day.
6:40pm Tidy kitchen, do dishes, turn on dishwasher, wipe counter, quick vacuum the kitchen floor, under the dinning chairs and the front door entryway. I have the Swiffer SweeperVac that I use for a quick pick up.
6:55pm Clean up for bed (wash my face, put Pj's on etc...)
7:05pm Straighten up the bathroom
7:10pm Do a walk through of the house (picking up anything that is out of place and putting it in my keep box)
7:20pm Clean out keep box
7:30pm Relax with hubby until bed.  Maybe fold laundry if I'm up for it.

I Hope this gives you some good Ideas.
Let me know what your routine is like by commenting below or emailing me at contactus@ultimatehousewife.com


  1. So what do you do from 8:45am-5:30pm? This is really helpful as well as the last but I'm not sure what to do during the middle portion of my day

    1. My scudlue after 8:45 verys by the day of the week. sounds like i need to do a blog post with my weekly schedule, I'll start working on a post soon :)
      thank you for reading

  2. The time allocated for each task is unreasonable!

    1. This routine is my personal routine and how long it takes me to do these tasks. this may not work for everyone, some might take shorter or longer amounts of times for others. So do what ever works best for you :)

  3. This is great! Good for you and thank you for all the tips, and for sharing...


Thank You for Reading.

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