Get Fit Get Healthy Week 9

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Week 9 Here We Go!
Many of you have been Emailing me asking me Question on how I Find Time To juice.
So I thought this week would be good to take the Time to Answer some Questions, and Show You My Routine.

Here are some Questions Asked:
What's Your Routine,  and How do you Make Time to make your Juice?
How do you pack juices for your husband lunch?
How do you keep everything Clean?

Lets start with the first one, Routine & Time: Really The Way I fined Time is having a Routine and Sticking to It. I have a Morning Routine I Follow (Read Here) and a Evening Routine I Follow (Read Here) On my morning and evening routines I have a set time for Cooking I use this time to make my Juice.
I make all my Juice at one time! I Make Dinner around 5:35PM When I'm juicing I make Juice But not Just my Dinner juice I make all My hubby and my Juice's for the next day at this time. I put them all in mason jars and then put our morning juice in the Refrigerator and the rest in the Freezer.
This make it so I'm not spending all my time juicing. Then In the morning all I Have to do Is Put my Hubby's Juices in His Cooler For work.

Packing Juice For my Hubby's Lunch: I make and freeze them the night before, This makes it a lot easier. and I don't have to worry about them going bad.

Keeping everything Clean: If you take a look at my morning and evening Routine you will see I always make time to pick stuff up after I cook This helps a lot. When I'm all done making our juice in the evening I take apart my juicer and just put it in my dishwasher (my juicer is dishwasher safe) and the turn it on at the end of the night. then in the morning I unpack the dishwasher and put my juicer all back together super easy.

I hope you can fined this Post of to some use. Let me know if you have and Tips! also I would love to here what your Routine is so comment below or email me

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  1. Great information! Your blog is the first one I look for in my inbox everyday. Love this new series.


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